We’re backing BackCare Awareness Week

X-ray of a skeleton, highlighting the spine

Workplace absence in the UK may have dropped to a record low, according to the latest CBI/Pfizer workplace health survey, but it is still costing the economy an eye-watering £14bn a year!

Back pain represents a huge chunk of that – it continues to hover just behind stress as the main reason for long-term sickness – so there’s every reason for businesses of all shapes and sizes to take notice of the advice and information that will be freely available during Backcare Awareness Week which runs this year from 6-12 October.

As the UK’s leading provider of products and services designed to protect office workers from the debilitating effects of back pain, Posturite has long been an enthusiastic supporter of this annual event.

This year we will be:

  • Running a raft of special offers on many of our market-leading, posture-improving products including Lumbar and Body Supports.
  • Hosting a free access webinar on Back Care to be led by top physiotherapist Tim Wright at lunchtime (12.30pm) on Friday 10 October. Click here for more details and to register your interest in taking part. This forms part of our monthly webinar programme which now regularly attract audiences of 300-plus.
  • Producing a new Fact Sheet highlighting some of the scary statistics surrounding back pain and its personal and economic consequences.
  • A library of Learning Resources will be available on our website which can be downloaded to support BackCare Awareness Week’s aim of raising awareness of the problems back pain can cause as well as their prevention and treatments. Subjects include workstation set-up; workstation exercise,  the art of sitting and choosing an ergonomic chair.

This year’s BackCare Awareness Week theme is ‘Back in the Office’ and there will be a special focus on the back and shoulder problems office workers encounter which can seriously affect their quality of life and their ability to carry out their day-to-day duties.

One of the week’s key messages will be how standing rather than sitting while you work for just a few hours each day can dramatically improve your long-term health. If you've followed some of our recent postings, you’ll know that this is something we've been banging on about for some time.

They’ll also be emphasising the importance of having the correct workstation set up. Even simple changes can make a big difference.

It’s a sobering thought that around 80% of us are likely to suffer back pain at some stage in our lives. So visit our website and find out what you can do to help prevent it.