What’s new in DSE Assessment training for 2022?

Office chair and deskMuch like excitedly unboxing a brand new smartphone, we’re eagerly unveiling new training courses at Posturite to help you protect your workers from the health risks of working with display screen equipment (DSE) at home, in the office or out and about.

As Coronavirus continues to affect our working lives, your needs as an individual and as an organisation in 2022 are at the forefront of our minds when we plan our DSE training. As you’d expect, our courses all now have a greater focus on hybrid working and will help you protect your homeworkers.

Female homeworker

If you want to increase the productivity of staff, reduce work-related MSDs, reduce absenteeism and protect your business from damages, then you can opt to train in-house staff to carry out DSE Assessments regularly. Did you know that these are needed for both office and home working setups?

The name ‘DSE’ is often misunderstood as this assessment should cover an employee’s entire workstation - not just their screen equipment. It also evaluates their chair, desk, mouse, keyboard, laptop stand and asks the user about important environmental factors including temperature, humidity, lighting and noise levels where they work. A DSE Assessment will generate an action plan for remedying relevant workplace issues that need your attention. Everyone can pull together to improve wellbeing at work.

Would you like to learn how to carry out your own DSE Assessments for your organisation?

Then the DSE Assessor Course would be ideal for you. Assess your staff no matter where they work. The Posturite team can deliver this training remotely or on-site. 

Find out more about the DSE Assessor On-Site course ›

Find out more about the DSE Assessor Remote course ›

Both of these courses can really help improve productivity and good health for your teams.

NB This course was previously known as ‘The DSE Assessment Foundation Course’.

Would you like to take part in an interactive DSE workshop?

You’ve come to the right place. The on-site Half Day DSE Workshop from Posturite would be ideal for you.

Come and meet others in similar roles to you and get stuck into workplace DSE wellbeing discussions. Get your hands on the new and best-performing ergonomic products on the market - that’s always interesting and time well spent. Bring along case examples from your DSE assessment work to discuss and we’ll help with advice and tips.

Find out more about Posturite DSE Workshops 

NB This course replaces our previous ‘DSE Post-foundation Course’.

Would you like the ability to help your colleagues work better with their DSE?

We’d recommend The DSE Advisor Course to you. Perhaps you’re a manager who needs to help staff achieve a suitable workstation set-up. Your objective is to help keep your teams comfortable, productive and injury-free while they work. The course will put you in a position to offer guidance to other staff, but not assess them formally.

Find out more about the DSE Advisor On-Site course ›

Find out more about the DSE Advisor Remote course ›

NB This course replaces our previous ‘Homeworker DSE Advisor Course’.

Would you prefer to make a booking with a trained DSE Assessor?

DSE Assessments are also carried out by trained Posturite DSE Assessors. Book your DSE Assessment

Don’t get bogged down with the detail of DSE compliance, if you have any questions at all, please contact the Posturite Training Team on +44 (0) 345 345 0010 or and we’ll be happy to advise.