Will the Lumo Lift transform my posture?


When I heard we had an order of Lumo Lift ‘posture coach’ wearables heading for our warehouse, I knew I’d have to somehow wrangle myself a review sample.

I’m a sucker for trackers, having already filled my phone with various fitness apps and bought myself a FitBit wristband. Now I can’t remember a life where I didn’t know what my heart-rate was at any given moment, or the precise incline of the land between my flat and Co-op. But for all my daily progress charts, graphs and achievement badges, I felt there was something missing from all the data. Something just as important as fitness but which few of us bother to give much thought to at all: posture.

This was a whole new ballgame.

Lumo Lift founders LumoLift founders - Stanford entrepreneurs Dr Charles Wang, Monisha Perkash & Andrew Chang

What’s special about the Lumo Lift?

The Lumo Lift is one of the only pieces of wearable tech to track your posture as well as your activity levels. There are other devices on the market but none quite as discreet and affordable as this. It’s basically the tech equivalent of your maths teacher shouting at you to sit up straight and concentrate. But infinitely more pleasant. Each time the Lumo Lift detects you slouching, it gives you an indignant little buzz.

lumo lift front This is it - with the magnetic clasp on front

Luckily it only vibrates after you’ve been slouching for more than 15 seconds, otherwise I think it would be too much going off each time you bend forward to pick something up or fill up at the water cooler. 

What’s wrong with slouching anyway?

To really understand the point of the Lumo Lift, you’ve first got to appreciate just how bad slouching is for you. According to this scary health pamphlet published by the NHS, poor posture adds strain to muscles and puts stress on the spine.


Over time it squashes your blood vessels and nerves, which causes problems with your muscles, discs and joints, and constricts your lungs (your rib cage is attached to your spine after all). This all leads to:

  • pain
  • stiffness
  • shortness of breath
  • difficulty clearing your chest.

Joy! But don’t panic just yet. As the pamphlet adds - ‘it’s never too late to improve your posture and decrease these problems’.

This is good news for me - I’m particularly tall and have always subconsciously compressed myself downwards in an attempt to look normal - either by dropping my hip, or slouching. For many people, poor posture has become a habit ingrained in everyday behaviour. It takes a real (almost impossible) effort to keep reminding yourself to sit up straight. But the Lumo Lift kindly takes that task out of your hands. It means business!

How does the Lumo Lift look?

As with all wearable tech, it’s not just about functionality. We’re a vain bunch - we want to look good wearing our gadgets don’t we? With the Lumo Lift, onus is on discretion.

collage lumo lift

Contrary to the complexity and size of the packaging, it’s a tiny pebble-shaped device less than two inches long and half an inch thick. It weighs just 12.5 g together with the sensor and the magnetic clip, or ‘rare earth magnet’ as the website describes it. I didn’t know what this meant (although it sounds sufficiently cool) but a quick Internet search reveals it’s a strong permanent magnet - so your Lumo Lift won’t ever suddenly drop of.

In the box you get a choice of clips (it’s the clip that shows on the outside of your clothing - the device itself sits hidden against your skin. You can swap between these three options:

  • silver magnetic clip
  • black magnetic clip
  • bra clasp (should you be wearing a bra, of course).

How easy is the Lumo Lift to use?

Pretty easy! I suggest doing things in this order:

  • Download the Lumo Lift app (you can search this in your Android or iOS store).
  • Plug your Lumo Lift into the charger (it takes 2 hours to charge fully and shows a red light while charging).
  • When you see a green light, it’s ready!
  • Open the app and follow the instructions to sync your Lift.

That’s it! An insider tip for you is make sure you align your device properly (the app takes you through this). This is so it knows what the right posture is for you.

Once you’re set up properly you’ll be able to track:

  • posture - good or bad
  • posture hours - how long you sustain good posture
  • calories burned
  • steps taken
  • distance travelled.

Is the LumoLift actually effective?

On the first day I accidentally turned the ‘posture coach’ (the sensor that tracks your posture, you know, the important bit) off. Even so, just knowing it was there clipped to my front made me more aware of how I was sitting and standing. Immediately it makes you more self-aware.

Once I’d figured out how to use it properly though, I found the little buzzes useful for adjusting my posture.

The interesting thing was being able to measure the difference between using my standard desk and laptop set-up at home, and my fully ergonomic sit-stand, dual-screen set-up at work. At work I clocked up over 7 hours of ‘superb posture’ time (pause for applause). At home it was a sad and worrying zero.

Lesson: it’s so important to know about display screen equipment (DSE) set-up. I would seriously advise you to get in touch with one of our assessors and book yourself an appointment if you can. I’ll certainly be rethinking my home set-up!

Final thoughts

  • Makes you more mindful of your posture and activity levels
  • If you have a competitive streak you will want to beat your daily goals
  • Satisfying to track your progress over time
  • Nice, easy-to-use app interface
  • Not as in-depth for activity tracking as other wearables but as it clips onto your clothes there’s no reason why you can’t wear a wrist-band too.
  • One of the cheapest wearables I’ve come across.
  • Long-term benefits will be huge.

Good to know

The Battery - Lithium polymer, up to 5 days charge, takes 2 hours to fully charge from nothing.

Data - Stores data internally for 4 weeks - stores forever on cloud when synced with app.

Waterproof? Not fully - it’ll take the odd splash but don’t fully submerge it.

Calories - You might notice that your calorie burn is high before you’ve even put the Lumo Lift on. This is because it calculates your ‘basal metabolic rate’ (BMR) based on your height, weight and gender. These are the calories you burn just by living, breathing and going about your general bodily functions.

Taking it off - When you take your Lumo Lift off and lay it on a flat surface it will automatically fall asleep so it won’t track this as poor posture hours.

If you're curious about trying this nifty little wearable yourself then head over to our Lumo Lift product page where you can get your own for just £71.99. Let us know how you get on in the comments below!