Wise up on intelligent desking

Intelligent desking is the latest big thing in office furniture. It incorporates cutting-edge technology into a beautifully-designed desk that brings attractive, clutter-free, ergonomic and theft-proof computing to the office, home, classroom or hotel.

Office Environments, our specialist office design, supply and fit division, has teamed up with Intelligent Furniture to offer customers these unique and exciting desking systems.

What makes them so special is the built-in remote control that allows the user’s PC to be stored up to 10 metres away with no loss of functionality.

The super-slim remote control unit sits in the desk’s work surface, duplicating the key controls – on/off switch, headphone and mic ports, USB ports and CD/DVD drive – and placing them ergonomically at the user’s fingertips.

This allows the PC to be hidden away inside the desk or a nearby store room, creating attractive, safe, clutter-free and ergonomic workspaces for your staff. It also means that each workstation footprint can be much smaller, allowing more desks to be fitted into a room.

The PCs also become virtually theft and damage-proof as they, and all their cables, are hidden away invisibly inside the locked desk or store room. Being able to place the PC remotely from the user also means a substantial reduction in heat output in the room, creating a significant reduction in air-conditioning.

Intelligent desking can be custom-built to your requirements, and the solution works with all major manufacturers’ PCs without affecting the manufacturer’s warranty – the remote control simply uses a PCI card to connect to the industry-standard PC (HP, Dell, Fujitsu etc). This means upgrades, repairs and modifications can be made quickly and easily by your own team.

To find out how you could benefit from the installation of Intelligent desking, call us on 0845 408 0640, email support@office-environments.co.uk or visit our website at www.office-environments.co.uk