Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen highlights HAG's green credentials

The recent Copenhagen conference may not have resulted in the hoped-for global treaty on climate change. But the 350 delegates from 192 countries did agree on one thing – their choice of conference seating.

They conducted their negotiations from the comfort of environmentally-friendly HÅG Futu chairs. A whopping 97% of the chair is recyclable and 50% of the chair’s plastic components are made from recycled materials.

Only seven different materials make up the finished product and the manufacturing process uses neither chromium plating nor glue – both potentially harmful to the environment.

HÅG is the first European furniture manufacturer to be awarded the Greenguard certificate, making the Futu and the other HÅG chairs used at the Copenhagen conference – the unique Capisco, the Sideways and the Wing - the ideal choice for companies looking to lead the way in corporate and social responsibility.

The HÅG Futu’s superior economic design features an advanced interior based on HÅG’s new inBalance technology, and an exciting, streamlined exterior that allows for flexibility for use in the office. Together with a 15 year life expectancy, HÅG chairs are the sensible choice for companies wanting to protect both the environment and their budgets.

If you would like us to visit you to demonstrate the Futu or any other chair from our extensive range, please contact any member of the Posturite team, call 0345 345 0010, email us or visit the website.

You’ll be doing yourself and the environment a favour.