Woolovers makes a stand

woolvers-blogThe health detriments of being seated at a desk all day are currently at the centre of a plethora of debates- the long-terms effects of which are currently coming to light. This is why renowned Knitwear Company, Woolovers, are making a stand against seated desk work, providing its employees with the chance to work at electric sit-down/stand-up desks. These provide employees with the choice of how to work- reaping in the many health benefits which are associated with standing up at your desk.

Stand-up desks are by no means a fad- having been around for over a decade, yet only recently have the benefits really been studied. It has been shown that standing up to work at your desk actually increases your metabolic rate by 30-33%, keeps your blood sugar better regulated, your blood pressure lower and decreases your chance of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and blood clots. Standing also makes it easier to release restless energy, increasing concentration, focus, alertness and productivity, helping to fight off that mid-morning energy slump so many are accustomed to, and finally the process of standing will help prevent back problems.

David Kirtley, Sales Manager of Office Environments - a division Posturite - the UK’s leading provider of workplace ergonomic solutions says of stand-up desks. “An effective wellness programme can increase productivity by over 40%. Height adjustable desks are part of this, and an easy, and measurable way of improving things on the wellness front.”

“A study showed that users of height adjustable desks need less frequent breaks and also shorter breaks, due to the notion that these desks are less tiring to work at.  This means that your employees will work more (i.e. spend more time at their desk) as they spend less time away from it.”

Founder of Woolovers Mark Shenton said of his decision “I have long been concerned about the effects that prolonged sitting is having on the wellbeing of my employees. Humans are simply not designed to sit for hours in front of a computer screen, our bodies need movement to help its functioning in a multitude of ways. Whilst we cannot un-invent this modern way of working, we can change the way we work around our new environment. I see these new desks as a great investment to really help the natural health of our staff. Hopefully many other companies will follow suit and also see that there is also a payback in creating a happier healthier workforce!"

Woolovers is a world-class knitwear retailer which started in 1989 and now supplies nearly 750,000 customers with men’s and ladies classic and contemporary knitwear all around the globe. Wool Overs currently employs 130 people and therefore is very in touch with what works for them within the workplace, ensuring safety and wellbeing is top of the agenda.