WorkRite lands its biggest ever managed service contract

WorkRite has been appointed to carry out DSE training and assessments for one of the UK’s biggest businesses.

It’s our largest ever managed service contract, taking in more than 65,000 staff in multiple locations both in the UK and overseas.

Work on the contract, which features a specially tailored version of our flagship AssessRite e-learning program, began in the summer.

It will be rolled out across the organisation, the UK’s leading provider of business process outsourcing and integrated professional support services, over the coming months.

National sales manager Ryan Church said: “It is a measure of just how respected our AssessRite package has become that a company of this size and reputation chooses it to carry out its obligation to assess individuals and minimise the risks associated with DSE. It is a highly effective delivery vehicle in both practical and cost terms.

“With our managed service, we also help solve any issues highlighted by our online management system and prepare and collate reports for the client on a regular basis.

“Our management system is without doubt the best on the market, offering a number of unique facilities and benefits to make life easier for those responsible for planning and overseeing health and safety training.”