WorkRite’s bumper bundle deal proves a winner

A major international corporation has become the latest company to sign up to a newly-structured deal which gives its staff access to WorkRite’s full suite of e-learning software.

Instead of buying licenses for individual online courses, the company will now be able to provide its staff with job-specific training selected from our complete software library.

A few courses will be mandatory for all 10,000 users. After that, WorkRite’s new intuitive ‘training matrix’ will determine which additional courses would be most relevant to the individual’s role within the organisation.

The custom-configured matrix poses a number of questions to users before they undertake the mandatory courses to ascertain whether they should go on to further training and, if so, which one(s) would best meet their needs.

A number of larger companies and public sector organisations have recently opted to take WorkRite’s new flexible bundles.

National sales manager Ryan Church said: “Our new packaged offering is certainly proving popular with some of our bigger customers who have people with several different training needs. Although they pay a premium for having access to all our courses, it’s still a far more cost-effective compliancy solution than having to buy a number of individual licenses.

“Being able to pick and choose the most suitable courses, and how, when and where they are completed, is obviously proving very attractive both for the companies and the individuals.”

All WorkRite courses are supported by our online management system which prepares and collates reports for the client on a regular basis. It offers a number of unique facilities and benefits to make life easier for the people responsible for planning and overseeing health and safety training.

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