WorkRite’s single source solution proves a winner


As more organisations take advantage of WorkRite’s ability to provide an end to end service; to train, assess and problem solve DSE issues, our customer list steadily growing. By having a superb online training and assessment tool, fantastic Head Office administration and a national field based team of 65+ experienced staff, we are able to work with organisations from the beginning to the very end of the process.

Customers are using our AssessRite DSE training and assessment tool to ensure they comply with their legal obligation to provide suitable training and education for DSE users. Once the staff member has completed the self-assessment section of AssessRite, any issues are automatically flagged through the intuitive management system.

Organisations with the internal resources to resolve issues themselves can do so and only use elements of the service but increasingly, WorkRite is being called upon to provide a fully managed service. This service includes management of data, leavers, movers and new starters, review of training data, production of month end reports, statistical analysis and management of the small percentage of individuals who require a face to face follow up assessment.

When an individual requiring a follow up has been identified, an assessment can be arranged, normally within 5 working days. Following the assessment, we provide comprehensive written reports and recommendations, supply necessary products or equipment and even install, train or instruct users on how to reap maximum benefits. If complex issues are discovered we are able to provide more specialist assessments through our team of ergonomists and disability specialists.

With our managed service we then update individual records, attach the assessment documents and ensure that our customers have a comprehensive audit trail.

Being the only UK provider of all of these elements without outsourcing makes us the perfect partner if you are seeking an end to end DSE solution. If you are using a current online system it would be worth exploring how WorkRite and Posturite can provide cost and efficiency savings with our managed service.

If you would like to find out more about our unique DSE managed service solutions, call Ryan Church on 07966 973110 or email [email protected]