Our workstation experts are just a click away on instant chat

If you have a question about ergonomic products, workstation set up, or working postures, we have a dedicated team of qualified DSE assessors who can answer them - and they're just a click away on instant chat. 

You can access chat from anywhere on our site. All you have to do is select the green speech bubble in the right-hand corner of this screen. Once selected, you'll be asked to choose what kind of advice you're after. If you select 'DSE advice' you'll be put through to our dedicated display screen equipment team, who are highly experienced in workstation set up. You can then chat in real-time.

There are several other ways to get in touch with our DSE team.

Book a phone consultation

Our trained DSE assessors are able to carry out problem-solving consultations over the phone. You'll be asked to provide details of your workstation, including measurements and photographs, then our DSE assessors will ask you questions over the phone. They will present their findings in a written report, which will include suggestions for improved set up and, if necessary, new equipment.

Book a face-to-face assessment

If you'd rather have a workstation assessment in person, we recommend you book a Level 1 DSE Workstation Assessment. This is our fastest, simplest assessment - ideal if you've been feeling uncomfortable at your workstation.


Need to get in touch out of hours? You can always leave our DSE team an email at [email protected], which they'll reply to as soon as possible.

Workstation set-up resources 

View our online guide to DSE health and safety for information about the regulations, employer obligations and ways we can help.

For downloadable graphics and posters about setting your workstation up, take a look at our advice sheets.

Need some workstation exercises? See our illustrated examples here.