World Health Day puts focus on healthy ageing

Elderly man bungee jumpingLook after your body and your body will look after you as you get older. That’s the message coming from the World Health Organisation which has chosen the theme of ‘Ageing and Health’ for this year’s World Health Day campaign on 7 April.

With life expectancy increasing all the time – there will soon be more over-65s in the world than under-5s – the WHO stresses the importance of doing what we can to protect our bodies in the earlier stages of life so that we can enjoy our latter years still being active and productive.

For office workers, that means having a workstation set-up that minimises the risk of developing the sort of musculoskeletal problems that currently afflict so many of us.

Neck, shoulder, back and upper limb disorders are regularly among the top causes of long-term sickness absence from work. This not only takes a high personal toll, but also costs the UK economy an eye-watering £13bn a year in benefits, treatments and lost production.

Many of these problems could be easily avoided by a small investment in the sort of ergonomic chairs, desks and computer peripherals that are our stock-in-trade.

We already supply scores of Britain’s leading businesses and organisations with the means to help desk-based staff prevent or overcome musculoskeletal conditions. But, although we hold a near 60% share of this ‘curative sales’ market in the UK, a more proactive approach to this modern-day medical scourge would reap massive rewards in both personal and economic terms.

So why not browse our website to see how easy and cost-effective it can be to provide yourself or your employees with the furniture and equipment that will allow you and them to work safely and productively.

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Together we can help a lot more people to live life comfortably both now and in the future.