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BodyBilt B2503 Bariatric High Back Chair with Arms - front view
BodyBilt B2503 Bariatric High Back Chair with Arms - front view BodyBilt B2503 Bariatric High Back Chair with Arms - side view BodyBilt B2503 Bariatric High Back Chair with Arms - side view BodyBilt B2503 Bariatric High Back Chair with Arms - back view

BodyBilt B2503 Bariatric High Back Chair

SKU: 5635020

£1,800.00 Ex VAT £2,160.00 Inc VAT

As a bigger person, it can be hard to find a comfortable, sturdy office chair that will stand the test of time.

The BodyBilt B2503 has been carefully designed to give you greater confidence in the durability and comfort of your office chair.

Sink into the luxurious 22" deep and 27" wide multi-density foam seat and feel like you're in your armchair but with all the ergonomic benefits of a task chair.

The sturdy and stable 5-star base, heavy-duty pneumatic cylinder and reinforced steel brace bars will support you through your entire workday.

Don't worry about exerting pressure on the arms - these have been welded to the steel plate for extra security and peace of mind. A specially designed contoured seat will minimise pressure on your limbs to reduce discomfort and injury.

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Additional Information

  • Sturdy seating solution for people weighing up to 42.85 stone (272kg)
  • Slightly contoured seat is 22” deep and 27” in width
  • Sturdy and stable 27” five wheel base
  • Standard heavy-duty short pneumatic cylinder
  • Reinforced steel brace bars in the front and back of the seat pan
  • Additional steel plate under the seat pan provides added strength and durability
  • Arm brackets are welded to the steel seat plate
  • Multi-density foam in seat
  • BodyBilt’s 'Ish Dish' decreases seated pressure to provide added comfort
  • Single control lever for height adjustment
  • 4-arm fore/aft articulation locked in place
  • Hooded carpet castors
  • Seat width: 710 mm
  • Seat depth: 585 mm
  • Backrest height: 559 mm
  • Backrest width: 546 mm
  • Rated to 42 stone
  • Forward Tilt: 0º
  • Rear Tilt 10º
  • Tilt Range 10º

BodyBilt Owners Guide

Q: How do I adjust the back angle of my chair?

There is a paddle on the right hand side of your chair with ‘BACK’ written on it. Lift this paddle to adjust the back angle of your BodyBilt. Release the paddle to lock in place.

Q: My gas stem seems a little stiff – is this normal?

Sometimes, over time, the gas stem can become a little stiff when trying to adjust the height. A quick and easy fix for this is using WD-40 or Vaseline. Apply a light layer of grease to the gas stem, then try adjusting the gas stem 3-4 times. The gas stem should now adjust easily.

Q: Can my seat slide forward?

On the left hand side of your chair there is a paddle with ‘SLIDE’ written on it. Lift this to adjust your seat to a comfortable position. Release the paddle to lock in. We recommend about 4 fingers width between the edge of your seat and the back of your knee.

Q: I have lumbar support in my backrest, how do I adjust this?

On the BodyBilt, the lumbar support comes with a lumbar pump. Use the pump to inflate the lumbar support to optimal comfort.

If you need to deflate your lumbar, simply push the button on the pump.

Q: How do I stop the rocking motion of my chair?

There is a paddle on the right hand side of your chair with ‘TILT’ written on it. Push the paddle down to lock the tilt motion. To release the tilt motion, simply lift the paddle.

Q: We have hot-desking and I want to adjust the backrest height – how do I do this?

The backrest works on a ratchet system. Simply lift the backrest to your required height. If you would like it lowered, lift the backrest to the very top and it will drop down to the lowest setting.

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