Circular Desk Raisers (Set of 4) from Posturite
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Circular Desk Raisers (Set of 4) - birdseye view
Circular Desk Raisers (Set of 4) - birdseye view Circular Desk Raisers (Set of 4) - irdseye view Circular Desk Raisers (Set of 4) - in use Circular Desk Raisers (Set of 4) - stacked

Circular Desk Raisers (Set of 4)

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The world is built for the ‘average’ person - so if you’re above average height, you might struggle to use some products comfortably. Work desks can be problematic for tall people. If your desk is too low for you, you might find yourself stooping over to write or type. Over time this will put strain on your neck, shoulders and back, and potentially leave you with injuries. The solution? Our strong, stackable desk raisers can be slipped beneath the legs of your desk (as long as they’re circular or cantilever) to boost it to your desired height (maximum of three can be stacked).

Our circular desk raisers are made from recycled plastic and come in a set of four, at 25mm each.

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Additional Information

  • Set of 4 circular desk raisers
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Stackable for extra height (maxiumum of three high)
  • Widest round leg you could stand on one of the desk risers is 7.3cm
  • Each raiser is 25mm thick
  • Black finish
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