Contour RollerMouse Mobile

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£209.99 £174.99
The travel-sized RollerMouse ideal for remote and hybrid workers. read more
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Reasons to Buy

The iconic RollerMouse, which is designed to improve your hand positioning and reduce RSI, has been reimagined for the age of remote working. Like the larger models in the Contour family, RollerMouse Mobile sits directly in front of your keyboard, allowing you to work with both hands in front of you in a comfortable, relaxed position to relieve strain on your usual mouse arm. No risky reaching or gripping. Stay within your primary work zone and use gentle movements on the scroll bar to control your cursor with astounding accuracy, precision (which can be adjusted between 600 and 3000 dpi) and ease.

Work quickly and efficiently with RollerMouse Mobile's smart shortcut keys. Five programmable buttons mean you can do frequent tasks, like copy and pasting, with a single touch, reducing the number of times you need to click in a day.

Because it's light, compact and comes with a durable aluminium chassis and durable cover, it's easy to slip into your laptop bag to work on the go, or move between home and the office. If you suffer from hand, arm, or shoulder pain, then why not give RollerMouse Mobile a go?

  • Travel-sized RollerMouse for on-the-go users
  • Designed to reduce RSI by encouraging the hands and arms into a relaxed, centralised body with reduced reaching and clicking
  • High quality, stylish aluminium chassis
  • Protection while on the move with the durable cover
  • Precision cursor speed, adjustable between 600 and 3000 dpi
  • Smart keys can be programmed to carry out frequent functions instantly
  • Connect either via cable, USB dongle (plug-and-play), or Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions (L x W x D):
305 x 650 x 230 mm
0.36 kg
OSX and Windows
2 years
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