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Now £852.00 £710.00
A fresh concept in office chair design, built for active sitting and better back health. read more
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Lead Time: 4 Weeks
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Reasons to Buy

Designed by kinesiologist Patrick Harrison and inspired by specialist rehabilitation seating, CoreChair is shaped to remove pressure from key points on the body, while still providing all-day support. The user stays upright by activating their muscles, using continuous micromovements without any conscious effort. This helps to prevent poor posture and back issues while gently strengthening the skeletal muscles.

CoreChair's pelvic support cushion is crafted from memory foam so that it moulds to your body and realigns your pelvis for a balanced spine. Regular movement is required for a healthy musculoskeletal system, which is why CoreChair allows for gentle movement - it stimulates blood flow, mobilises the joints, hydrates the vertebral discs and strengthens core muscles. A university study found that participants who used a CoreChair adopted a more upright posture, experienced less back pain and stiffness, and have enhanced blood flow when compared to sitting in a traditional office chair.

  • Sculpted seat relieves pressure points and prevents sliding
  • Pelvis stabiliser hugs top of pelvis to prevent slumping
  • Adjustable seat to floor height
  • Core mechanism allows for infinite articulation in all directions to 14 degrees to get you moving and engage the core
  • Durable woven fabric cover made from 100% recycled water bottles
  • Choose from five stylish colours
  • Treaded base for non-slip foot support
  • Durable casters allow for smooth movement on any surface
  • NEAT™ certified - NEAT™ refers to the energy we expend on activity undertaken outside of the gym, aside from sleeping or eating. The HEAT program was developed by MAYO clinic to remind us that continuous low intensity movement is extremely valuable for health
Seat height adjustment:
430 - 490 mm
Seat width:
490 mm
Seat depth:
420 - 460 mm
Star base:
650 mm
15.4 kg
5 years