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DSE assessments

Display screen equipment assessments are carried out by our trained, experienced DSE assessors. They review and advise on how equipment should be set up according to the individual, and thanks to their extensive product knowledge, they’ll save you time and money by recommending the right tools for the job - if required.

DSE Problem Solving Assessment (WC73)

This assessment is for employees who have been identified as having a musculoskeletal concern and would like their workstations to be set up with suggestions for improvements. They will receive a summary of the assessment and a quote for any product recommendations.

Bespoke DSE Problem Solving Assessment (WC74)

We can tailor our DSE problem solving assessments according to specific requests. During this assessment a report will be generated to your specifications and tailored product recommendations.

DSE Compliant Assessment (WC75)

Our DSE assessors will help you become compliant with DSE regulations by undertaking an assessment, highlighting any areas of concern and making recommendations for improvement. You will receive an assessment report and a quote for any recommended products.

Home Workers DSE Compliant Assessment (WC76)

Agile working (which can include working from home) is being adopted by more and more businesses, and our assessors can help you become DSE compliant when your staff are working from home. They’ll visit employees at home to carry out workstation assessments, draw up a report (including photos if needed) and recommend products. These assessments will be undertaken with knowledge of your home working policies and procedures.

Driver Set-up Review (WC96)

Employees experiencing discomfort when they drive for work could benefit from a driver position review. Our assessors will observe individuals in their stationary car, identify problem areas and, where possible, recommend ways to increase comfort. Products will be available to trial during the assessment.

For pricing or if you're unsure of which assessment is right for you, speak to your account manager and they'll advise which one is best suited to your needs.