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To book an assessment, please fill out and submit the short form below, alternatively, if you wish to discuss our range of assessments in greater detail, either contact your local Posturite account manager or call our Head Office on +44 (0) 345 345 0010.

A poorly arranged office workstation is a major contributing factor to many work-related upper limb disorders and other symptoms such as eyestrain or headaches. These conditions are easily avoidable and should be assessed properly to ensure that workstations meet certain requirements and are adequately equipped and adjustable to meet the user’s needs. A DSE workstation assessment essential for all staff that use computers as a significant part of their work.

Our DSE and ergonomic assessors are extremely knowledgeable, many of them are qualified health professionals, sports science graduates or ergonomists. They will review the current workstation set up, talk to your staff about their work needs and provide a clear set of recommendations for your employee’s ergonomic workstation set up and additionally, if any new equipment is needed, our Assessor can let you know and provide a full quote. We can provide a prompt, efficient, end to end service, tailored to meet your needs.

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