DeskRite 350 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

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Now £993.54 £827.95
Enjoy super-smooth electric lifting power to squeeze more activity into your working day. read more
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Lead Time: 3 Weeks
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Reasons to Buy

Image of a woman standing using the DeskRite 350 whilst working

Increases activity & productivity

Can help improve circulation, as well as boosting your mood and concentration.

Image close up of the electric switch of the DeskRite 350 that allows desk to switch heights

Electric switch controls

DeskRite 350 moves quietly and gently at the touch of a button.

Choose your size

Choose from a range of desk widths: 1200-2000 mm.

Image of DeskRite 350

Choice of finish

Suit your office aesthetic by choosing from three different desktop and frame finishes.

Image of colours to choose from for Desktop (i.e. maple, black or white) and the Frame (i.e. silver, black or white)

Reasons to buy


Easily switch between sitting and standing positions throughout your working day


Prevents static posture - a cause of aches, pains and decreased productivity


Keep active while you work


Choice of three desktop MFC finishes: maple, white or black


Choose the desk width to fit your room


Simple touch of a button to control up and down

Image showing that the DeskRite 350 can go from the sitting position height to the standing height and transition in between with ease

Anti-collision technology

Ingenious anti-collision technology senses obstructions and instantly stops moving.

Prevents static posture

No more aches, pains and decreased productivity – the  DeskRite 350 sit-stand desk is designed to keep you active. Shake yourself out of poor sitting postures, boost your circulation, breathe deeply and generally feel better in yourself.

Image of a man standing using the DeskRite 350
Close up image of the cable management for the DeskRite 350

Neat & tidy

Built-in cable management ensures wires are kept out of the way, allowing for a clear and tidy workspace.

A guide to sitting, standing and moving

The key to greater workplace health and productivity is finding the perfect balance between moving, standing and sitting. Break your day into 30 minute chunks. According to ‘Hedge’s 3s ideal work pattern’ developed by Cornell University, in a 30 minute period you should sit for 20 minutes, stand for eight minutes and stretch or move for 2 minutes.

Image of diagram showcasing switching between sitting and standing every 30 minutes Shop Now

DeskRite 350 add-ons

Upgrade to a one touch memory switch, which automatically rises or lowers to your preferred height. Need help with cable management or want to provide privacy? Include a wire basket or aluminium modesty panel to your DeskRite 350 set-up.

Close up image of the memory switch add-on of the DeskRite 350

Memory switch

Upgrade to a 4 position one touch memory height switch - allowing you to programme height pre-settings for instant and effortless transitioning.

Image of the wire basket add on for the DeskRite 350 to help to keep any wires tidy and managed

Wire basket for desk cables

Don’t let messy cables get in the way of your posture and positioning – keep your wires contained with this handy wire basket.

Image of modesty panel attached to the back of the DeskRite 350

Modesty panel

The perfect addition to your DeskRite 350 workstation, these aluminium modesty panels provide privacy without taking away any of the aesthetic appeal of our desks.


Use the DeskRite 350's simple button controls to move between your ideal sitting and standing heights smoothly, quickly and quietly. The strong steel powder coated frame is powered by two synchronised motors hidden within the three-column telescopic legs. You can adjust the height with the simple up and down controls on the standard switch option, or upgrade to the one touch programmable memory switch to automatically rise or lower to your preferred heights.

Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy and linked to a long list of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Breaking up long stints of sitting with standing can help activate the muscles, improve circulation and boost moods and concentration. Try standing up at your DeskRite 350 for twenty minutes of every hour.

For safety, a built-in anti-collision system senses obstructions to automatically cut the motor. Choose from a wide range of surface sizes, finishes and frames to suit your environment.

DeskRite 350 Desk
  • Choice of three desktop MFC finishes: maple, white and black
  • Available in three frame colour options: silver, white and black
  • Choose from a range of desk widths: 1200-2000 mm
  • Simple up/down hand control switch as standard. Upgrade to a 4 position one touch memory height display up/down switch available
  • Ergonomically designed motors hidden within the columns
  • Three-part columns with telescopic extension
  • Great stability throughout the total range of extension
  • Anti-collision system for safety
  • Adjustable feet
  • Allows users to interchange between sitting and standing positions
  • Prevents static posture, a cause of aches, pains and decreased productivity
  • Simple electric switch controls up and down lift (40 mm/sec) between ranges of 650-1300 mm
Modesty Panel
  • Panel covers the lower body and anything that may be under your desk
  • Silver aluminium construction
  • Available in a variety of widths to suit different DeskRite 350 desks
Surface height range:
645–1295 mm
Base height (frame only):
620–1270 mm
Desktop thickness:
25 mm
Desktop width:
1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Desktop depth:
800 mm
Weight capacity:
100 kg (distributed load)
Electric lift speed:
40 mm/s, w/ super soft-start-stop
Total time (from bottom to top):
16.25 seconds
Two synchronized motors with microprocessor control, thermal sensor
230V AC, standby consumption 0.3W
Noise level:
<50 dB
Intelligent system protection:
Anti-collision system
Leg column:
3 profiles - 60/60, 55/55, 50/50 mm
750 x 70 x 30 mm with level adjustment
Powder coated steel
Frame colours:
Silver, White, Black
ISO 21016, EN 527-2, EN 527-3
2006/95EC, UL 508:1999, UL 1004 R705:1994, WE DC 2004/108/W
5 years