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DeskRite Evolve

Height Adjustable Bench Desk System

Create an immaculately organised, dynamic office space with DeskRite Evolve, an interconnecting system of affordable electric height-adjustable desks. The DeskRite Evolve combines the life-changing health benefits of an adjustable stand-up desk, with the practicality of a shared frame, which can be used to attach any number of work stations to grow and evolve with your business. The desk frames incorporate full cable and screen management to create a neat, modern, ergonomic workspace for all staff.

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DeskRite Evolve

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What is DeskRite Evolve?

DeskRite Evolve is a pioneering bench desk system of electric adjustable-height desks that can be easily moved and added to as your business naturally evolves. Start from as few as two desks and keep connecting stations as your business grows.

With DeskRite Evolve, we also offer help with your space planning so you can make the most cost-effective and efficient use of your office space, and ensure workstations are set up correctly for each user.

Why buy DeskRite Evolve?

We developed DeskRite Evolve in response to a rising demand for sit-stand office desks. There is a growing body of research highlighting the dangers of prolonged sitting. Increasing numbers of jobs are now computer-based, with little chance for movement throughout the day. The solution? An adjustable-height desk which can be extended so users can continue working while standing.

Now we’ve combined the benefits of an adjustable-height desk with the practicality of an office bench desk system – a series of interconnected ergonomic workstations with integrated cable and screen management. The result is a beautifully organised space in which each user can electronically adjust the height of their desk to their own personal preference, and new stations can easily be attached as the business grows.

What are the benefits of DeskRite Evolve?

  • Cutting-edge ergonomics to reduce the risk of aches, pains and injuries.
  • Increase employee health and productivity.
  • Perfectly organised space keeps cables safe and neat.
  • Electronic mechanism.
  • Easily add more workstations to your frame.
  • Evolves with your business.
  • Attractive, contemporary design.

Do you have a project coming up?

We can help with your office planning to ensure you make the most of your budget and space. Contact us to register your interest.