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Desktop Accessories

Everyday tasks like writing, reading and telephone calls deserve ergonomics like the rest of your workstation - Order Online!

Desktop solutions for ergonomic reading, writing & telecommunications

Desktop accessories can be used to improve the positioning of the equipment you use on a daily basis. After all, it is the things we have on our desks that cause us to reach, twist and move repetitively - all of which are potential causes of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). By using products like document holders, monitor stands and office headsets, we can improve our posture and reduce the risk of work-related MSDs.

What kind of desk accessories are there?

We stock a variety of ergonomic desk accessories designed to improve posture and positioning, including:

Document Holders

A tidy desk is not only easier to manage, it’s also less of a hazard to your health. Twisting and turning to reach documents, or hanging your head to read papers can increase the risk of long term neck and spinal injury. A document holder props papers up at a healthier angle. It also allows you to position all of your documents within easy reach. While transcribing notes or referencing documents you can prop your texts up on your document holder close to your computer screen and continue typing with a straight neck with minimal effort.

Writing Slopes

Handwriting for long periods of time can cause discomfort and pain ply placing stress on your neck, wrists, fingers, shoulders and back. The inclined surface of a writing slope provides better support for the shoulder, arm and hand. It also brings the paper closer to you, reducing the temptation to slouch. Our writing slopes lead the market in ergonomic, stylish design. Some of them double up as document holders for a neat, organised workstation.

Monitor Stands

To limit the risk of neck and shoulder pain, it is vital that you’re able to adjust the height, angle and distance of your computer monitor. Ideally the screen should sit directly in front of you at arm’s length, with your eyes level with the top. This allows you to view the entire screen without dropping your chin, slumping, or twisting your neck - movements that can over time cause serious injuries.

Monitor stands offer an affordable way of raising your screen to the right height.

Monitor Arms

Try a minimalist, clutter-free approach to your working environment with monitor arms that suspend your computer screens above your desk. Our range of different monitor arms are ideal for hot desking environments where space is shared because you can instantly adjust the set-up to a comfortable position without the need for tools.

Privacy Filters

Keep your work protected from prying eyes with privacy screens for monitors and computer screen filters. Make sure your files and your screens have that extra layer of defence, for total peace of mind.

Screen Filters

We stock a variety of screen filters for various problems. Whether you want a protective layer to prevent scratching, a glare filter to improve your eye health, or a colour overlay to assist with reading, you’ll find a high quality solution here.

Computer Holders

Keep your computer tower safely off the floor and away from damage with a computer holder cradle storage solution. We supply a range of styles, from wheeled baskets, to clever adjustable cradles that attach to the underside of the desk.

Office Headsets

Reaching for your telephone repeatedly throughout the day is a risk factor and can - over time) cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as back and shoulder pain. Office headsets reduce the need to reach and twist across the desk, giving greater comfort and flexibility in any office environment.

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