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Driver Comfort Assessment

Driver Comfort Assessment


£350.00 Ex VAT £420.00 Inc VAT

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Undertaken by either a medical professional or qualified ergonomist with particular knowledge of musculoskeletal issues.

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£350.00 Ex VAT £420.00 Inc VAT

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This type of assessment would be appropriate for an individual complaining of pain or significant discomfort/ difficulty or being unable to manage an existing musculoskeletal condition whilst driving a particular car. The individual will be observed sitting in their vehicle and their issues discussed with them to try and identify possible factors influencing the problems reported including driving pattern. The assessor will work with the individual to try to improve the driving position using available adjustments of the car. Once set up in the most appropriate position with the available adjustments an assessment of the suitability of this position taking into account the driver’s and seat dimensions, reported medical issues and the other equipment adjustments (steering wheel position etc...) available will be undertaken. A report will be written outlining any changes made and any further recommendations that may assist the driver with their comfort whilst driving, this may include additional equipment such as cushions/wedges or recommendations of vehicle options that the driver may benefit from such as an automatic transmission or a depth adjustment on the steering wheel.

NB. This is a stationary assessment not a driving assessment, no recommendations of specific alternative vehicles are possible although recommended car features will be identified if necessary. This assessment is focused on the drivers driving position note will be made of other job factors involving the vehicle that are observed or raised by the driver that may influence the comfort or condition of the driver but an in depth of these issues will not be undertaken as part of this assessment.