Office Headsets

Wired & wireless phone headsets – ideal for modern working environments

Office telecommunications need good ergonomics like the rest of the workstation. Our modern range of wireless & bluetooth phone headsets allow users to roam freely away from the desk, giving greater comfort and flexibility in the office. They feature one-touch call answer/end, vol +/- and mute and many of the models can conference in up to three additional headsets for enhanced collaboration.

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Office Phone Headsets

The workplace is changing and the way people communicate is evolving with it. Combined with email, instant messaging, audio, video conferencing and the use of VoIP, landline and mobile phones, office workers are now more connected than ever before.

Our range of headsets are avaiiable in both wired and wireless options and with some models coming with conference call features and noise cancellation to improve call accuracy and reduce audio pollution.

Whilst corded headsets work in many environments, the freedom to move while continuing conversations is fast becoming a necessity.

Wireless audio devices connected to landline desk phones, soft phones or smartphones give your people unprecedented mobility – allowing them to do their jobs in new and much more efficient ways. Employees can move throughout the building and remain connected to vital communication systems, improving productivity and collaboration.

They have also been proven to increase productivity and efficiency as wireless headsets enable you to have a phone conversation from anywhere in the office so fewer calls are missed. This prevents calls being diverted to voicemail, improving customer service and reducing internal costs.

Lastly headsets are also proven to reduce neck and back pain by almost half when used instead of a telephone handset.