Avoid twists and turns with a document holder

Unnecessary bending and twisting of your neck can increase the risk of long term neck and spinal injury. Document holders (or Copy Holders) allow you to read, write or type at a comfortable level. You can also maintain correct posture at your workstation, reading and typing with a straight neck using minimal effort. Our MultiRite Document Holder & Writing Slope is our best selling product, a must-have accessory for any workstation.

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Why use a document holder?

Most of us need to have documents on our desktop at work. Many of us will put our documents to the side of the computer on the desk. This leads to twisting of the neck and back when reading the document, putting strain on our body. Others will choose to place our copy beneath the screen, getting in the way of our keyboard space. Neither are ergonomic solutions.

By using a document holder, otherwise known as a copy holder, we can maintain the correct posture at our workstations, reading and typing with a straight neck using minimal effort. Ultimately we will be more comfortable and happier at work.

The MultiRite is one of our best selling products, doubling up as a writing slope, and comes in a variety of sizes to suit different needs.

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