Roll Bar Mice

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These fantastic ergonomic roll bar mice sit in front of your keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for the mouse and reducing unnecessary wrist movements, which can stress your neck, shoulders and elbows. Many of our roll bar mice include handy shortcut buttons including double click and copy & paste. Why not try out our RiteBar RollerMouse which is easy to use and has padded wrist rests for comfort.

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  1. RiteBar
    RiteBar Roll Bar Mouse
    £275.94 £229.95
  2. Contour RollerMouse Pro3 - angle view with keyboard
    Contour RollerMouse Pro3
    £265.00 £220.83
  3. Contour RollerMouse Mobile - lifestyle shot
    Contour RollerMouse Mobile
    £209.99 £174.99
  4. RollerMouse Free3 Wireless Black - lifestyle shot
    Contour RollerMouse Free3
    From £304.99 £254.16
  5. Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 - birdseye view
    Mousetrapper Advance 2.0
    £274.80 £229.00
  6. Contour RollerMouse Red - angle view
    Contour RollerMouse Red
    From £427.20 £356.00
  7. MouseTrapper Alpha - showing it in use
    Mousetrapper Alpha
    £351.60 £293.00
  8. Mousetrapper Advance - front view
    Mousetrapper Advance+
    £269.94 £224.95

8 Items

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Roll Bar Mice

Computer related neck and shoulder pain can often be relieved by using roll bar mice, as you no longer need to reach beyond your keyboard for your mouse. A Roll Bar Mouse sits directly in front of your keyboard allowing you to use either or both hands together to point, click and scroll.

Sometimes referred to as a trackbar, they allow you to control your computer from the middle of your keyboard. A small bar is pushed left or right and rolled forwards or backwards for finger tip control of mouse pointer movements. Mouse buttons remain close to hand for finger and thumb control.

They’re fast, smooth, and easy on the hands, wrist, and arms, and seamlessly ambidextrous.

Getting used to using a roll bar mouse may take a couple of days or so as it is do as it is very different to using a standard mouse which would usually be to the side, but the end results and benefits are well worth it. If you suffer from mousing typing pain and haven’t tried a roller bar, you really owe it to yourself to try one out. Even if you have no pain or repetitive stress issues with mousing, roll bar mice still offer some compelling advantages in terms of input efficiency as they allow you to work with great accuracy

Roll bars mice reduce physical stress, especially on the elbows and shoulders, by eliminating the reaching necessary when using any mouse—whether conventional or ergonomic.

Many of our Roll Bar mice have a wide range of additional functions and short cut keys including double click and copy & paste and come with wrist rests for added comfort

Why not try our very own RiteBar Roller mouse?