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Why order an ergonomic chair?

The human body evolved over tens of thousands of years, allowing us to become hunter-gatherers and farmers, with our bodies constantly on the move in a variety of tasks. Over the last 30 - 50 years we have tried to make these active, dynamic bodies sit still for longer and longer periods each day - and they do not like it.

Today many people experience pain and discomfort at work. Whilst these difficulties can be attributed to a culmination of many factors, e.g. incorrect desk, poor mouse posture, stress etc., one of the greatest contributors is poor seated posture.

Good ergonomic seating can reduce the risk of stress and injury to muscles and joints, encouraging movement, variety and flexibility.

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Why order an ergonomic chair - woman stretching on ergo chair

Ergonomic chair range from Posturite

We supply a wide range of ergonomic chairs with specialist features to ensure your health & safety seating needs are properly met.

Most of our chairs can be found in the Ergonomic Office Chair category, but you can find ergonomic seating solutions for a range of other specific contexts.

Why Posturite ergonomic seating?

  • Posturite are the number one distributor of ergonomic chairs in the UK.
  • Comprehensive range of fully adjustable ergonomic chairs.
  • Home or workplace chair set-up from an expert*.
  • 14 day no nonsense return policy*.

*Excludes some chairs. Please see individual models for details.