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There’s a big problem adults face when working with children – all the classroom furniture is designed for little people. Teachers and teaching assistants often find themselves slouching or crouching down to help children with their work, something that can quickly lead to aches, pains and musculoskeletal injuries. The solution? Ergonomic educational chairs: innovative low seating for adults working at low height. Portable, adjustable and supportive to properly safeguard teaching staff.

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What is an ergonomic educational chair?

For today’s digital generation, it is more vital than ever to implement ergonomic principles which are incorporated into all aspects of computer work, whether in school or at home.

The ability to adjust your desk, chair or monitor is no longer only important for adults in the workplace. The long periods of time children and young adults now spend on the computer makes ergonomics just as important at school and at home. Adjustability, for example, is absolutely essential in implementing a shared computer workstation in such a way that users of different heights or weights aren’t forced to stretch or slouch to see the screen or use the mouse.

Some of our ergonomic educational chairs are designed for adults working with children. Teachers and support staff can use ergonomic educational chairs to sit at low desks comfortably. This means they can work with their pupils without putting strain on their backs or necks.

Why buy an ergonomic educational chair?

Ergonomics for children and teens is considerably different from adult ergonomics, particularly regarding vision and the spine. Up to about the mid-twenties the human body is still growing. While people are still growing their bones are much softer (particularly at the growth plates), and the relationship between bones and muscles is subject to change over time.

Sitting for too long in a poor posture affects children’s growth, and in the long run, if not corrected, can result in abnormal bone development. Improper posture at a young age can also make people more susceptible to chronic back pain and carpal tunnel in later years.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic educational chair?

  • Protect teaching staff from aches, pains and injuries.
  • Encourage good posture and lumbar support.
  • Reduce sick days.
  • Portable and easily stored with swivel wheels.

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