Conference Chairs

Ergonomically designed conference and meeting room chairs for active sitting and thinking

Help conference-goers pay attention for longer by providing ergonomic conference chairs. Our collection of ergonomic meeting room chairs includes stackable, lightweight seating in a variety of colours, as well as upholstered wheeled chairs and conference chairs with armrests. All models are ergonomically designed to promote good posture and freedom of movement in meetings and conferences.

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What is a conference chair?

Designed to be portable and lightweight, a conference chair is able to be manoeuvred around large spaces effortlessly in preparation for presentations and events. They are designed to be used by both attendees and exhibitors and are available in various forms.

Do I need ergonomic meeting room chairs?

If you want to keep your visitors, employees and clients focussed, engaged and comfortable for long periods of time, it’s important to provide comfortable, supportive seating. Our ergonomic conference chairs are designed to meet this need. Each chair is built to support the natural curve of the spine to prevent aches and pains, promote movement and reduce pressure on the back.

Comfortable seating promotes concentration, engagement, health and happiness, making our meeting room chairs ideal for use in the workplace. Our 10-year guarantee will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Where can I use conference chairs?

Our meeting room chairs are suitable for a number of professional, public and educational environments, including:

  • Conferences and boardrooms – Our stackable conference chairs are ideal for large conference rooms and boardrooms thanks to being lightweight, portable and easy to store.
  • Receptions and waiting rooms - In your reception or foyer space, aesthetics matter. It’s often the first impression visitors will get of your business. Our meeting room chairs are contemporary, stylish and comfortable, so visitors can relax while they wait.
  • Libraries - Our upholstered conference chairs are comfortable yet stimulating, ideal for use in libraries where people need to read and study in comfort.
  • Classrooms - One of the reasons children rock back in their seats is because they need to keep moving to stay alert. Humans are not equipped to stay still for hours on end – movement is a natural instinct. By using ergonomic classroom chairs, children can rock to stay alert without compromising their safety.
  • Cafés - The modern design of our ergonomic conference chairs makes them ideal for cafes. Our non-upholstered options can be easily wiped clean in the event of a spillage.

What are the benefits of a meeting room chair?

Praised for being a versatile piece of furniture, there are many additional benefits to buying a conference chair:

  • Portable and lightweight for use in multiple settings.
  • A comfortable seat for both attendees and exhibitors.
  • Promotes concentration by reducing muscle and joint pain.

When will my conference chairs be delivered?

While delivery times vary depending on the quantity of conference chairs ordered, we typically aim to fulfil all orders within one to six weeks. This allows you to get up and running with as little downtime as possible.

What types of conference chairs do you sell?

We understand that everyone has different demands. From smaller rooms to large spaces, we stock ergonomic conference chairs to suit a wide range of scenarios. Some of our designs are stackable, others can be easily moved from room to room on wheels. All of them are expertly engineered, stylish and built to last.

If you have a larger space where quantity is key, the HÅG Conventio Wing 9811 provides some of the best value on the market. Offering a compact chair made from robust materials to withstand years of use, this chair will keep your attendees alert and engaged for as long as possible.

However, if you’re looking for a premium seat for your guests to enjoy, you might like the HÅG Conventio 9512. With an upholstered finish, this chair is both comfortable and highly portable thanks to its castors.

So, no matter what your needs are, there’s a conference chair to suit every scenario.

Discover a reliable, ergonomic meeting room chair from Posturite, above.