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Introducing striking visuals, cutting-edge ergonomics and premium materials: everything a perfectionist would expect from the most exclusive executive chairs available. Our ergonomic executive chairs are based on the latest research into posture and workplace wellbeing, enabling you to make adjustments that could seriously change your life – supporting the natural curve of your spine, reducing aches and pains, helping prevent injury and keeping you alert and productive throughout the day.

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  1. HÅG Tribute Chair - Black - with armrests & casters
    HÅG Tribute Chair
    From £1,035.60 £863.00
  2. RH New Logic 220 High Back Ergonomic Office Chair - front view, with armrests & neckrest
    RH New Logic 220 High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
    From £1,047.60 £873.00
  3. RH Logic 400 (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    RH Logic 400 (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    From £1,117.20 £931.00
  4. RH Extend 220 (high independent back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    RH Extend 220 (high independent back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    From £949.20 £791.00
  5. RH Mereo 220 Silver (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    RH Mereo 220 Silver Frame (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    From £834.00 £695.00

5 Items

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What is an ergonomic executive chair?

An ergonomic executive chair is a premium, tall-backed office chair designed to support the human body correctly.

Why buy an ergonomic executive chair?

The executive chair is a time-honoured tradition in offices. It’s the chair reserved for the upper echelons of company society – commanding power and authority with its tall, elegant back, sturdy arms and premium upholstery. But why limit your sights to an executive chair? Why not invest in the very best: an ergonomic executive chair with adjustable components that can be fitted just for you?

Our collection of HÅG ergonomic executive chairs is world-class in terms of design and aesthetics. This is not just an investment in your business. This is an investment in you: your spine, your health, your comfort and your work-life satisfaction.

What are the benefits of buying an ergonomic executive chair?

  • Choose your own specifications to create a bespoke design, from back height and fabric colour, to the finish on your foot base.
  • Adjust chair to your own body shape.
  • Safeguard your future – a healthy body and mind will help develop a healthy business.
  • Improve posture for lower risk of aches, pains, injuries and long-term health problems.

Expert assembly and set up

Have your new chair delivered and set up at a time convenient to you with Product Care, our market-leading delivery partner. Trained technicians will make sure you’re as comfortable and confident as possible with your purchase – and they’ll even conveniently remove and recycle all the packaging afterwards so you’re ready to go.

Some chairs excluded. Please check the respective product ‘Delivery and Returns’ section to see if this service is available.

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