Plastic Office Chairs

Reasonably priced and easy to clean

Plastic office chairs are easy to wipe clean and perfect for strict hygiene environments such as labs, clinics, and production areas. We stock plastic desk chairs that have been specifically designed to enhance comfort in key areas, supporting the lumbar spine and facilitating good working postures to reduce the risk of sitting-related musculoskeletal disorders.

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What are plastic office chairs?

Plastic office chairs are made almost entirely from plastic and as such are extremely easy to clean. Often used in sanitary environments like hospitals and care homes, plastic desk chairs come in a wide variety of designs, from stools to traditional upholstered seats.

Why buy a plastic chair?

Plastic desk chairs are versatile and practical. Often spotted in schools, surgeries, universities and labs, plastic chairs are ideal for strict hygiene environments as they can simply be wiped clean.

Manufactured with tough materials that are built to withstand years of daily use, plastic office chairs can hold up to plenty of wear and tear while still being comfortable and reliable.

What are the benefits of buying a plastic chair?

There are many benefits to buying a plastic chair from Posturite, such as:

  • Easy cleaning – simply wipe the plastic upholstery
  • Lightweight and hard-wearing
  • Ergonomically designed to support the lumbar spine and facilitate good working postures

How can I ensure my plastic chair is set up correctly?

Now that you’ve found your ideal plastic computer chair, it’s time to get it set up correctly by a team you can trust.

We have partnered with expert delivery technicians who can handle your chair’s delivery and set up with ease. This not only means your new office chair will arrive at a time that works for you, but ensures that it is set up for your specific needs.

Some chairs excluded. Please check the respective product ‘Delivery and Returns’ section to see if this service is available.

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