Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs to suit all styles and budgets

Promote good posture, comfort & movement in one of our ergonomic chairs, designed to maintain the health and efficiency of desk workers. By alleviating posture issues, an ergonomic chair can help reduce back pain, encourage mobility, and enhance productivity.

We have partnered with many of the world's leading manufacturers including HÅG and RH Chairs and also created our own range of Positiv ergonomic chairs - to ensure our customers have the best choice of posture-improving chairs to suit all budgets.

Need help choosing your chair?
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How do I find the right office chair for me?

We understand that buying an office chair online can be tricky. As ergonomists, we believe the trick to choosing the perfect desk chair is to find one that suits your anatomy and needs. That’s why we created this AI-powered chair finder tool. Answer a series of simple questions and you’ll get a personalised choice of the best computer chairs for you.

If you’d still like help, you can speak to a member of our specialist DSE team, who will be happy to give you advice on choosing the right office chair for you.

Do you sell ergonomic office chairs?

Yes. We are specialists in ergonomic office chairs. All of our office chairs are ergonomic, which means they have been designed around human anatomy and behaviours to make desk work safer and more comfortable for users. Browse all our ergonomic chairs here.

Are you looking for something traditional? Consider the Homeworker Plus Ergonomic Chair with its classic design and ease of use making it a mainstay in offices across the nation. If you’re after something a bit more adventurous, perhaps the RH Logic 200 Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair is more to your taste. It features a high-backed design and keen ergonomic design choices to support the spine from top to bottom.

Do you sell office chairs for working from home?

Yes, our product experts have hand-picked the computer chairs they believe will be best suited to the home environment. Our home office chairs tend to be lighter, more slimline with easy-to-use functions and more colour and fabric choice. Browse our home office chairs collection.

How long will my office chair take to arrive?

Delivery times range from 3 days to 6 weeks, depending on the model and customisation options you select on the chair. Please check the details on the product page when you go to buy.

Do you offer bulk buy discounts?

Yes. If you’re buying desk chairs for your business, you’ll be pleased to know we offer significant discounts. Simply set up a free business account to take advantage of the many benefits we offer to our business customers.