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Office workers aren’t the only professionals who need protecting from musculoskeletal disorders at work. There are lots of individuals in industrial, scientific, surveillance, education and other environments who spend much of their day rooted to a chair. This collection of posture-enhancing office and industrial chairs can be tailored to your requirements. All of our office and industry chairs can be upgraded to a draughtsman with a taller stem and foot-ring for use at higher workstations.

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What is an ergonomic office and industrial chair?

An ergonomic office and industrial chair is an adjustable, multi-purpose chair designed for offices and industrial environments such as warehouses, packing stations and factories.

Why buy an ergonomic office and industrial chair?

Employers who opt for ergonomic office and industrial chairs understand the importance of their employees’ health and wellbeing. Drawing on the latest research in ergonomics, these chairs encourage good posture and positioning to reduce the risk of work-based injury – a problem that costs the country billions in lost days and productivity annually.

Industrial environments are especially hazardous with lots of potential health and safety risks – but the importance of appropriate seating should not be underestimated. Research shows that sitting in a bad posture for long periods of time can cause aches, pains and injuries that can prevent workers from doing their jobs properly.

What are the benefits of buying an ergonomic office and industrial chair?

  • Height-adjustable to suit a variety of surface areas.
  • Draughtsman option available for added height and foot-ring.
  • Reduces risk of sitting-based aches, pains and injuries.