Specialist Seating

Made-to-measure specialist seating – chairs built for your unique needs

Everyone should have access to good ergonomics – whatever their shape, size, or needs. In fact, good ergonomics is defined by exactly that: being fit not only for purpose, but also for the user. Our range of Adapt chairs are made-to-measure so each one can be customised to your exact preferences. Our Hepro range is designed to assist people with mobility issues with easy-to-access controls and electric lift options. Please contact our friendly experts for help customising your chair.

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What is specialist seating?

When we talk about specialist seating, we mean chairs that are built specifically for you. These made-to-measure seats can be customised to suit your exact needs and preferences. There are a number of customisable features on each chair, including armrests, lumbar supports, backrests, movement locks, and the colour of the chair itself.

How do I customise my chair?

Each type of specialist seating on this page has a range of customisable features. Creating your ideal chair is simple: click to view the chair of your choice, then select from the options available on the right hand side of the screen. If you'd like additional support or guidance, we have a team on hand to help.