Agile working events: promoting health, productivity and flexibility


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of agile working at our brand new event, 'Agile working: promoting health, productivity and flexibility'.

This free, day-long event will take you on a journey through the core principles and challenges of managing an agile workforce.

Alongside educational talks, you will be provided with lunch, refreshments and a mini exhibition featuring some of our core agile working products. The exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for you to see and try out many of the products you may have seen online, including sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs and ergonomic accessories for tablets and laptops. Our experts will be on-hand to answer any questions you have about agile working or anything else related to workplace health, happiness and productivity - plus you’ll be able to take home many free resources, including advice sheets, posters and flyers.

Who should go?

Our agile working event is open to anybody with an interest in agile working - whether you’re an existing client, a business owner, manager, or a professional in employee health, safety, wellbeing, or procurement.

What to expect on the day

Opens: 9.45 am
Talks from 10am till 1.45 pm
Lunch: 12.15 pm
Ends: 2 pm
*timings are subject to change

The day will consist of expert speakers, demonstrations, a mini exhibition, networking opportunities, lunch and refreshments.