Cardiff workplace health symposium

Date & time

Thursday 15 December 2016 @ 10.30am


Muller Hall, All Nations Centre, Sachville Avenue, Cardiff, CF14 3NY


This symposium will open at 10.30am, with talks in the morning, followed by a complimentary lunch and afternoon talks. All-day refreshments will be provided, and doors will close at 3pm. You are welcome to attend all of the talks, or pick and choose the ones that interest you. Register now!



Event opens


Session 1

To be announced


Katharine Metters, MCSP, CMIOSH, MSc.Erg, Lead Consultant, Posturite Ltd



Presenter Bio

Our lead consultant Katharine Metters is a Chartered Physiotherapist, holds a Master’s Degree in Ergonomics and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Safety and Health.


Session 2

A Matter of Minutes - The value of defibrillators in the workplace & community


Brendan Mahood, Workplace & Community Territory Manager, Physio-Control


Seminar discussing sudden cardiac arrest and the value of defibrillators in public places, the workplace and community.

Presenter Bio

Brendan has been working with the medical device business for over 8 years and holds a B.Sc. in Genetics. For the past 4 years Brendan has been working within the workplace and community environment educating customers on sudden cardiac arrest and the value of the defibrillators in public places and the workplace.


Session 3

Support for employees experiencing mental health difficulties/conditions


Louise Dempster, Remploy


Maintaining the mental wellbeing of your employees is one of the biggest challenges facing UK businesses. Remploy, the UK's leading provider of disability employment and support services for employers discuss the options available to make a positive change.

Presenter Bio

Louise Dempster is one of the Regional Account Managers for Wales. She has been working with employers in their journey to becoming disability confident by supporting disabled and disadvantaged people for over 10 years. She has attended and applied various disability and mental health courses throughout her career - and more recently has been qualified to deliver Mental Health First Aid.




Session 4

Benefits of e-learning and how WorkRite can help you


Ryan Church, WorkRite Sales Manager, Posturite Ltd


Ryan will look at how e-learning can benefit your business, offering both flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as well as introducing you to some new additions to our current e-learning suite.

Presenter Bio

Ryan Church, WorkRite Sales Manager has been at Posturite for 10 years and is responsible for the growth and development of the WorkRite division. Prior to joining Posturite, Ryan spent 3 years as a personal trainer and a further 3 years in the telecoms industry. This gave him a sound understanding of both the human body and the various technologies that can be found in the market place, all of which can be closely related to the products and services provided by the WorkRite division. His role now is primarily to ensure our customers understand the features and benefits of our suite of e-learning courses and systems.


Session 5

Why sitting won’t actually kill you


David Kirtley, Seating Consultant, Posturite


David will be looking at some of the most up-to-date research on office chairs and looking at why, despite all the recent media hype, sitting doesn’t have to be ‘the new smoking’. The talk will cover some of the most important features of a chair from a health perspective, and explore the idea that spending money on office seating is an investment and NOT a bottom-line cost.

Presenter Bio

David is our Seating Consultant and resident ergonomic office chair expert at Posturite, having progressed his career with the company for the last fifteen years. With his in-depth knowledge and vast experience working closely with suppliers and manufacturers as well as senior managers, directors and consultants, he is perfectly placed to support clients through the important chair selection process. For the past two years David has been the driving force behind our active working campaigns, encouraging businesses to take care of the health, happiness and wellbeing of their employees in a more holistic way. It all starts with the equipment we use, and David’s job is to make sure it’s as appropriate and well-matched to each unique business as possible.