HÅG SoFi 7320 Silver Frame High Back (w/ slideback armrests) - Navy

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Now £446.88 £372.40 Was £1,117.20 £931.00
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Reasons to Buy

The HAG SoFi 7320 Silver Frame High Back Task Chair is a striking and timeless ergonomic chair for informal work spaces.

With its innovative BalancedMovementMechanism SoFi can enhance circulation throughout the body. The HAG inBalance philosophy intuitively keeps you in balanced, continuous motion without you even thinking about it.

The HAG SlideBack armrests can be pushed back to allow you to sit sideways or you can easily transform the armrests in to generous elbow rests. The levers and handles to adjust the HAG SoFi 7320's seat height and depth are easy to find and to adjust.

The HAG SoFi 7320 has a high fully upholstered back and seat, adjustable lumbar support, tilting resistance and a 200 mm gas lift as standard.

Please note: Image shown is light grey version, actual chair colour is navy.

Condition: New

  • Available in navy
  • High back ergonomic task chair - ergonomically designed to follow body movement and encourage positive healthy posture
  • Silver aluminium frame
  • SlideBack aremrests in grey w/ soft top
  • HÅG inBalance™ Technology - balanced, flowing tilt function that goes backwards and forwards (adjustable & lockable)
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Fully upholstered seat and backrest
  • Castors for carpeted floors
  • 200 mm gas lift as standard
  • Aluminium five star base with foot supports
  • Eco-friendly - the chair is made with recyclable materials
Seat width:
482 mm
Seat depth:
380-460 mm
Seat height:
400-550 mm
Backrest height:
720 mm
16.7 kg
Q: My gas stem seems a little stiff – is this normal?

Sometimes, over time, the gas stem can become a little stiff when trying to adjust the height. A quick and easy fix for this is using WD-40 or Vaseline. Apply a light layer of grease to the gas stem, then try adjusting the gas stem 3-4 times. The gas stem should now adjust easily.

Q: Can my seat slide forward?

There is a lever on the right hand side of your HÅG SoFi 7320, underneath your seat. Move the lever back and forth to adjust the seat slide until you are comfortable. About four fingers width between the front edge of the seat and the hollow of the knee provides good blood circulation.

Q: I have lumbar support in my backrest, how do I adjust this?

On the back of your HÅG SoFi 7320 there is a lever on the backrest. Simply pull the lumbar tab upwards, or push downwards, until you are comfortable.

Q: How do I stop the rocking motion of my HÅG SoFi 7320 high back chair?

There is a tilt lock underneath on the right left hand side of your HÅG SoFi 7320. Pull this tab outwards to the side to lock your HÅG SoFi 7320. To unlock, simply push the tab back in.

Q: We have hot-desking and I want to adjust the backrest height – how do I do this?

Unfortunately, with the HÅG SoFi 7320, you cannot adjust the backrest height, as it is a fixed height chair.

Q: My seat has become worn over time – can I just swap a new one for the old one?

You can swap seat pads over on this chair, however we will need to send an Installation Technician out to swap these over for you.

Please contact our customer services team on +44 (0) 345 345 0010 to order your new seat pad and arrange an appointment for an Installation Technician.

Still having problems?

Please give our customer services team a call on +44 (0) 345 345 0010.