HeartSine 360P Fully Automatic Defib Unit

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Was £1,078.80 £899.00 Now £906.00 £755.00
Was £1,078.80 £899.00 Now £906.00 £755.00
Every minute is critical after someone has gone into cardiac arrest. read more
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Lead Time: 16 Weeks
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HeartSine 360P Defib Unit   SKU: 9321002 + £906.00 £755.00
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Reasons to Buy

After early recognition, dialling 999 and carrying out CPR, the next critical step is defibrillation to restart the heart. This is why it can be potentially life saving to have user-friendly automatic defibrillators in public places and business premises.

The HeartSine 360P is a fully automatic external defibrillator (AED) unit specifically designed for members of the public who may not be trained in first aid. Like the HeartSine 350P, the device is easy to use - but this time it can be used with just a single button (on/off) rather than two (on/off and shock). This makes it even more straightforward for anyone to use.

Once secured to the body, the device will automatically analyse the rhythm of the heart to deliver a shock to restore the heart to a normal rhythm. The pad is printed with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions as well as clear voice instructions to talk users through the process - including a metronome to help the user administer CPR.

The portable and lightweight HeartSine 360P is built with ‘SCOPE Biphasic Technology’, which produces low-energy waveform and escalating shock therapy for increased patient safety.

The device carries a IP56 rating, the industry's highest standard of protection against dust and moisture, making it usable in all weathers.

Due to current strain on the global supply chain, the manufacturer is struggling with the supply and distribution of this product. Lead times are subject to change.

  • Can be used on both adults and children
  • Simple display
  • Includes carry case
  • Lightweight for portability
  • 4 year battery life
  • Unique HeartSine ‘SCOPE Biphasic Technology’
  • Voice prompts
  • Quick reference instruction card
  • Regularly tests itself for battery use and pad replacements
  • Simple 1-button operation - on/off
  • Lights flash to indicate that unit is operational
  • 8-year warranty
Dimensions (W x H):
184.8 x 200 mm
1.1 kg
Electropad life:
4 years
5 years