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Cairn Housing Association

Established 25 years ago, Cairn Housing Association is one of Scotland’s largest providers of affordable homes.




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What we did

Cairn required a method of evacuation for successfully getting disabled staff or visitors out of the building in the event of an emergency. We provided Cairn with evacuation chairs for multiple sites and delivered face-to-face training to help employees successfully and safely operate the equipment.

Product profile


EvacuRite is designed to fold up into an easy to store and access size and shape - making it ideal for all sized offices. It’s the lightest chair in its class and has a simple rapiddeploy system to avoid hold-ups in the event of an emergency. As with all our products, the EvacuRite is designed for ease-of-use with ergonomic handles for better grip, and a lightweight frame to reduce risks associated with heavy lifting.

EvacuRite Evacuation Chair incl. cover

Our goals

  • Provide easy-to-use evacuation chairs
  • Deliver EvacuRite promptly to multiple sites
  • Ensure correct installation and inspection
  • Train staff to use equipment safely and successfully

As a safety-conscious employer, we enlisted the help of Posturite to determine a solution for evacuating anyone within our offices at Edinburgh and Glasgow who would be vulnerable should the alarm sound. As a result we obtained EvacuRite chairs for both offices and trained personnel in their safe usage. We can now safely evacuate anyone from both of our offices should an emergency occur.