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Over 3,000 officers and staff are responsible for an area of 2,500 square kilometres across the county of Leicestershire. Employees work across several specialist departments demanding different skills and tasks - many of which are office-based requiring the use of display screen equipment.




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What we did

After carrying out DSE risk assessments with individuals at Leicestershire police, we discovered that several employees were suffering with musculoskeletal disorders. We decided a more specific report was needed for certain individuals who had not had their issues resolved internally. Our DSE assessors were able to identify problems and recommend solutions, which mostly consisted of specialist chairs, mice and keyboards.

Product profile

DSE Assessments

Our UK-wide team of experienced assessors deliver a range of vehicle and workstation assessments carried out by trained DSE assessors. More in-depth assessments for special cases are delivered by qualified health professionals.

Product Provision

As the UK’s leading supplier of ergonomic equipment, we’re able to recommend and supply the best products for the job. This also comes with advice and after-care to make sure users get the most out of their equipment.

DSE Assessment

Our goals

  • Improved or resolved discomfort at work
  • Reduction in need for high risk assessments by 20%
  • Enabled some users to carry on working

The health and safety unit at Leicestershire Police have always felt Posturite offers excellent service and products. Users experience a friendly service that is delivered by assessors with obvious skills. The turnaround on products is also very good and every assessment has led to a product that the user has benefitted from.