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Panasonic is one of the largest product manufacturers in the world, comprised of 473 companies and employing over 260,000 people. The company’s mission is to create products that improve people’s lives every day in a bid to change the world - one person, business and innovation at a time.







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What we did

Panasonic’s UK Health and Safety Advisor wanted to be able to educate the staff about some key indicators of stress to help them recognise it in themselves and their colleagues. A shift had been noticed in the number of sick days taken due to stress and a change of policy was needed. As part of Panasonic’s employee assistance programme, we supplied our stress awareness e-learning course FeelRite. This has raised awareness of stress and boosted employee moral and wellbeing across the board.

Product profile


Users move through modules helping them to look at their home and working lives to identify stress, pinpoint areas in need of management, and learn tools for coping. FeelRite is an interactive and engaging way of training staff across multiple locations. Training data is stored securely online for easy auditing and reporting.

FeelRite e-learning course software

Our goals

  • Educate managers
  • Increase awareness of stress
  • Empower staff
  • Reduce absenteeism

FeelRite has helped managers identify behaviour and performance changes in their staff. Feedback has been really positive and staff have found the course simple to use, intuitive and flexible as it allows them to dip in and out of it.