Dutch multinational human resources firm Ranstad was started in 1960. Today the company operates across 39 countries, including its head office in Luton.







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What we did

Working within a given budget, we identified a selection of ergonomic chairs we thought best matched Randstad’s environment and needs.

A selection Luton-based Randstad employees were invited to trial three different chairs from top brands. The Komac Felix was selected as the favourite, thanks to its flexibility, adjustability and stylish looks. Within just four weeks we had delivered and installed the order of 275 chairs.

We have since received an additional order of 50 chairs for Randstad’s Holborn office, which is testament to our solid business relationship and the excellent service we aim to provide.

Product profile

Komac Felix by Boss

A stylish chair that combines comfort and style with a good dose of functionality. The mesh back offers a flexible, airy support, while the height adjustment is smooth and easy to use. Overall a smart, simple ergonomic chair for daily office use.

Komac Felix chair by Boss

Our goals

  • Be part of a complete transformation of Randstad’s HQ office space
  • Find chairs that helped foster an inspirational open-plan environment
  • Provide helpful ergonomic advice
  • Improve the health, happiness and productivity of Randstad employees

Our employees are very happy with the comfort and support of their new chairs. Getting these factors right creates one happier, healthier and productive HQ team.The whole process from trialling the chairs through to delivery and after sales care has been very straightforward. It’s good to use a company that cares about its products and customers. Most importantly, they understand what we wanted to achieve for our employees.