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What we did

Before working with us, SA Law used face-to-face assessments on more of an ad hoc basis. They were conscious of their legal obligation to train staff in certain areas and looked to our WorkRite e-learning system as a less time-consuming method of training. We set them up with the courses they needed, and all staff successfully completed them.

Our goals

  • Provide a learning management system
  • Make it easy to track and record training
  • Help organisation comply with law
  • Encourage staff to complete their training

The system is so user friendly, I really like that our staff can do the training at their own desk in their own time. They don’t have to complete it in one go. You can pick up the course where you left off which is really handy.

There has been no push back from the staff – they get an email inviting them to do the training, they get the training done and then it’s all filed automatically on the system and out of the way. Anyone that is reluctant to do the training receives email reminders which are recorded by WorkRite. We can then provide evidence that we offered training in the first place, and then encouraged them to complete it. We have fulfilled our obligation and there are no difficult conversations.

The WorkRite staff are really customer-focused and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them as an e-learning provider.
- Sam Walsh, SA Law