Solutions for back pain at work

Problem with your back at work?

Poor posture can both cause back problems and aggravate existing conditions. There are many reasons for back problems and you should speak to a specialist if you have a serious problem.

However, below are some solutions for common causes and conditions specifically related to back pain at work.

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Static Posture

One thing that will really change how you feel after sitting down is MOVEMENT. Your body thrives on motion and variety. Watch a child and they simply cannot sit still - this is because they are in tune with their bodies. We have been trained to suppress what our body tries to tell us. Pain can be a physical warning signal and we need to review our position if we experience it.

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Bad posture

Improve your posture by conscious effort and by using equipment that improves posture automatically. Good posture and movement will solve more than just back pain. You can find out more about solutions to bad posture here.

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Coccyx pain

There are a number of causes for this. If you have this problem, it can help to use a chair with a coccyx cut-out wedge, or a chair with a coccyx cut-out option.

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Sciatic pain – referred pain into your legs

Make sure your chair is set up with hips higher than knees and make sure you have good back support. Regular breaks and movement will also help.

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Unable to sit for long

Try height adjustable desking and a stand up chair to enable sitting, perching and standing to work.

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Chair problems at meetings

Try taking a Backfriend or lumbar support cushion along to your meeting. Or you can invest in ergonomic conference chairs for your own premises.

Don't be afraid to get up during meetings and stand behind your chair. Often people don't mind you doing this if you explain you might do this before the meeting.