Hepro S2 Standing Chair

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Now £1,255.14 £1,045.95
Now £1,255.14 £1,045.95
The Hepro S2 Standing Chair benefits from all the same handy features as the Hepro S1, with some additional benefits. read more
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Lead Time: 6 Weeks
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Reasons to Buy

Instead of gliders, the S2 has castors that can be locked with a wheel brake for safety. Its seat also lifts slightly higher - ideal for those working at taller workstations and counters. The Hepro S2 is designed to support workers who are required to stand for long periods of time.

Whether you work at a reception desk, a lab, a bar, a workshop, or any other standing environment, it’s important to rest regularly to avoid health problems such as muscular strain, varicose veins and degenerative damage.

The Hepro S2 provides excellent support as standard, with a variety of manual adjustment options available, including seat height, seat tilt, and back angle.

This chair is available in Black only.

  • Provides support to standing workers
  • Adjustable seat height, tilt and back angle
  • Sturdy 5-castor base with wheel brake offering optimum stability
  • Free rotation for easy movement
  • Standard 180 mm gas stem (540-720 mm)
Total width (incl. brake handle):
630 mm
Seat size (W x D):
410 x 380 mm
Seat height:
540-720 mm
Seat angle regulation:
–14° to +18°
Backrest (W x H):
380 x 230 mm
Backrest (height regulation):
+100 mm
Backrest (angle regulation):
+7° to –59°
User weight (max):
120 kg
2 years