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LIFEPAK CR2 Fully Automatic Defibrillator with full WiFi & Handle - open view
LIFEPAK CR2 Fully Automatic Defibrillator with full WiFi & Handle - open view LIFEPAK CR2 Fully Automatic Defibrillator with full WiFi & Handle - open angle LIFEPAK CR2 Training Unit (English) LIFEPAK CR2 AED Replacement Lithium Battery LIFEPAK CR2 Replacement Electrode Pad Kit LIFEPAK CR2 Replacement Lid LIFEPAK CR2 Replacement USB Cable LIFEPAK CR2 Carry Case LIFEPAK CR2 Replacement Handle LIFEPAK CR2 Replacement Electrode Tray Cover LIFEPAK CR2 Wall Cabinet, Rotaid Solid Plus, Heat with Alarm - Green LIFEPAK CR2 Wall Cabinet, Surface Mount & Alarm Universal AED Bracket - White Universal AED Bracket - Green LIFEPAK CR2 Training Electrode Pad Kit LIFEPAK CR2 Replacement Training Electrode Tray LIFEPAK CR2 Training / Demo Bag (English)

LIFEPAK CR2 Fully Automatic Defibrillator with full Wi-Fi & Handle

Price as configured: £1,719.00 Ex VAT £2,062.80 Inc VAT

From the brand used by 70% of UK ambulances comes the new LIFEPAK CR2 - a new, connected approach to public access defibrillation. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone anywhere, which is why it’s vital to have access to an easily accessible, working automatic external defibrillator (AED) as quickly as possible.

The LIFEPAK CR2 is WiFi enabled so it can send out updates on its battery status and whereabouts to the LIFENET app. It can also give emergency responders a complete visual report of what’s going on, including details of any shocks given, and a visual representation of the patient’s live ECG. After the event, all of this information can then be integrated into one patient care record report.

The device’s other major life saving innovation is the continuous CPR function. Usually, CPR has to be interrupted for the rescuer to check heart rhythm, which might require a pause of 10 seconds or more. Unfortunately, doing so is known to lower survival rate. The LIFEPAK CR2 is the only defibrillator that analyses heart rhythms during chest compressions, automatically detecting if a shock is needed so the judgement call won’t be on the rescuer.

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1 x LIFEPAK CR2 Fully Automatic Defibrillator with full WiFi & Handle   +£1,719.00  (SKU: MV500)

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Price as configured: £1,719.00 Ex VAT £2,062.80 Inc VAT

Additional Information

  • WiFi enabled for live feedback
  • Child mode button for use on children
  • Easy 2-step instructions with easy-to-follow bold instructions
  • QUIK-STEP electrodes - simply peel of the base for quick side-by-side application onto the body
  • cprINSIGHT analysis technology - automatically detects shockable heart rhythm during compressions with no need to pause
  • Metronome and CPR coaching - user simply needs to follow the effective pace and audible voice guide
  • ClearVoice technology - automatically detects background noise and adjusts volume of voice commands accordingly
  • Highest available energy - uses up to 3650J
  • Bilingual - ability to preset two languages into device so users can toggle between them if necessary
  • LIFEPAK TOUGH - IP55 rating to withstand the toughest of outdoor environments.
  • 8-year warranty
  • Contents: AED, handle, electrodes and battery
  • Height: 9.7cm
  • Width: 22.6cm
  • Depth: 27.4cm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Store in temperatures 15-35 degrees
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