Monto Sit-Stand Riser

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Now £364.00 £303.33 Was £436.80 £364.00
Want to switch easily between sitting and standing at your desk? Here’s a superb solution. read more
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Reasons to Buy

Monto Sit-Stand Riser shown raised with a woman working standing up

Change postures: be agile

Mix up your working day and spend time standing as well as sitting.

Front view of the Monto Sit-Stand Riser

Ergonomic design

The Monto is designed with your comfort and productivity in mind.


Ideal for people of all heights and sizes.

Woman standing at her desk, using the Monto Sit-Stand Riser in the raised position

Folds away neatly

Portable and lightweight at 7.5 kg.

Folded Monto Sit-Stand Riser, showing how portable the platform can be

Reasons to buy


Effortless to move up and down


Healthy working lifestyle - moving postures


Soft-touch material


Spacious 633 x 492 mm work surface


Made from sustainable materials


5 year warranty

Lifestyle shot, showing the Monto Sit-Stand Riser in a home office environment, along with an Ollin Monitor Arm

Easy setup

It's very simple to set up your Monto sit-stand riser – no tools are needed – only your hands. This high-quality lightweight platform can be easily moved from one desk to another too. The thin profile of the Monto allows it to be stacked neatly without using up storage space, if not in use.

Integrate with your existing workstation

Use the Monto with your existing desk. And if you already have a CBS Flo or Ollin monitor arm, both can easily be upgraded to Monto sit-to-stand functionality by simply adding an extended-height desk clamp.

Monto Sit-Stand Riser in the raised position, along with an Ollin Monitor Arm with the extended height desk clamp
Woman working at her desk, using the Monto Sit-Stand Riser

Healthy wrist positioning

When fully lowered, the Monto sit-stand riser has a low height, offering minimum impact on sit-height working and ensures healthy wrist positioning. Make a change whenever you like throughout your working day, from sitting to standing. The choice of working heights range from 20-430 mm, giving you excellent flexibility.

Effortless: that's the wish when you transform any fixed desk into a desk for both standing and seated working. The smooth Monto sit-to-stand functionality is the result of precision engineering by the innovators at Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) and offers simple adjustment to nine working heights.

This is a portable sit-stand riser, lighter in weight than many other models, yet strong and stable. There's 'waterfall' shaping at the front, to reduce stress on your wrists, and enjoy a surface lined with soft-touch material. Note the Monto's clean, curved edges and premium finish.

The good news is the Monto can be retrofitted to established workstations. If you use a monitor in your working setup, the riser is attached independently to the desk so that your typing doesn’t transfer vibrations to the display.

A great solution to achieve a tidy desk, the Monto keeps the surrounding area of your desk clear for your laptop, documents and lamp, and integrated cable management clips are included.

This is your chance to implement the 'active working' methods recommended by health professionals worldwide. The Monto encourages easy posture change. When you limit the time you spend sitting at your desk, your physical health will benefit.

  • Use on any surface, anywhere
  • Portable
  • Adjustable height: 9 settings
  • Easy to move upwards and downwards
  • Spring-assisted lift mechanism
  • Space-saving design
  • Suits people of all heights and sizes
  • Black platform, silver-coloured legs
  • Soft-touch, premium material provides an inbuilt mouse mat
  • Space-saving design, folds away neatly
  • Waterfall edge
  • Gravity-lock latches for smooth movement
  • Durable cast aluminium legs
  • Non-slip anti-scratch base
Overall dimensions (flat) (W x D x H):
650 x 572 x 52 mm
Usable surface dimension (W x D):
633 x 492 mm
Minimum: 26 mm
Maximum: 436 mm
Vertical range:
410 mm
7.5 kg
Maximum weight capacity:
7 kg
Height adjustment levels:
5 years