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Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless
Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless

Penclic Mouse R2 Wireless

SKU: 8821002

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The Penclic Mouse places superior navigation at your fingertips. This ergonomic mouse will make day to day working and surfing more efficient.

Penclic Mouse looks, feels and moves like a pen. Simple to use, it offers users the ability to benefit from the natural control we all have in our fingertips and hands. The mouse provides a refreshingly different user experience when compared to a standard mouse.

The clever Scandinavian design of the Penclic Mouse creates a relaxed working hand posture. It allows the forearm to rest on the work surface whilst moving the mouse cursor around the computer screen precisely, quickly and effectively. Penclic Mouse helps to prevent static tension in arms, shoulders and neck.

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Additional Information

  • Unique, intuitive and comfortable design
  • 5 buttons and scroll wheel
  • Laser sensor
  • USB connection
  • Easy set up - no extra software/driver installation needed
  • Operates on almost any surface without any pad or tablet
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • 2 years warranty
  • DPI 800 - 1200 - 2400
  • Wired (D2) and Wireless (R2) versions available
  • Nano-USB receiver (Wireless version only)
Q: The cursor movement is too fast. Can I change the settings?

When installed, the R2 Mouse is to be used like a traditional computer mouse. However, the R2 Mouse has an extremely fast and precise reading device which may require adjusting. Try calibrating the R2 Mouse the same way as a traditional computer mouse. Or adjust the DPI settings (see below).

Q: How do I adjust the DPI settings?

On the R2 Mouse the DPI switch is located under the mouse, use this switch to adjust the DPI settings. Please note: Once the power is shut off after using the R2 Mouse, the DPI setting will return to its default setting, 1200 DPI.

Q: What should I do if the LED repeatedly flashes red?

This is an indication that the battery needs recharging. Please note: Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries.

Q: What should I do if the LED repeatedly flashes green?

This is an indication that the battery is currently recharging.

Q: How do I know when the batteries need to be recharged?

When the battery needs recharging the LED on the mouse will display a red light. When the battery is fully charged, a green light will be displayed. With everyday usage, the battery will last approximately 1 month before recharging is needed. Remember to recharge the battery before you use the mouse the first time. Please note: Do not try to charge non-rechargeable batteries.

Q: What kind of battery is supplied with the R2 Mouse?

A rechargeable AAA 1.2V NiMH battery is included with the wireless Penclic Mouse. Non-rechargeable AAA batteries can be used as well, LR 03/AAA/1.5V Alkaline. Please note: Do not try to charge non-rechargeable batteries.

Q: What should I do if the mouse stops working?

Energy saving mode starts after 10 minutes on the wireless Penclic Mouse. Press left click, right click or middle click on the mouse to resume use. If the R2 Mouse doesn’t start after the 10 minutes, please try connecting the USB into another computer, as it could be an issue with the computer. If the R2 Mouse still doesn’t work, it could be defective. Please contact our customer services team on +44 (0) 345 345 0010.

Still having problems?

Please give our customer services team a call on +44 (0) 345 345 0010.

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The Penclic mouse takes a bit of getting used to, but after a while it feels more natural than a normal mouse and gives freedom of movement with vastly less pain and tension.


I like the Penclic. I would recommend to others.


The first one had a non-responsive right click, the replacement didnt work at all.

Hi Matthew

Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry for the problems you have experienced with your recent orders.  As soon as the items come back to our Warehouse we will ensure we check them over to identify the problem and ensure that we rectify the issue before sending out further similar items.  The reimbursement fee is processed as soon as possible after we receive the returned items.  We will arrange for one of our Customer Service Team to contact you to resolve the outstanding issues.

Kind regards, Lucy



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