Positiv Plus (slim back) Ergonomic Office Chair

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Reasons to Buy

Positiv Plus is a range of three sleek, simple and highly adjustable ergonomic office chairs. We want everybody to have access to good ergonomic seating, which is why we’ve created this trio of chairs that have all the sophisticated controls, adjustability and durability of expensive models - but set at a considerably lower price.

The Positiv Plus (slim back) Ergonomic Office Chair has a streamlined back that supports you in all the right places without any added bulk. We love this model’s curves - not just because they give a unique look, but also because they make the chair lighter and easier to move around.

This ergonomic office chair comes as standard with an inflatable lumbar cushion built into the back, a seat slide, castors for carpeted floors and a black nylon base. Also coming as standard is our latest innovation - a new ‘safety first’ tension lock release that prevents the catapult jerk-forwards motion found on most other chairs. When releasing the lock to adjust the angle of the chair, you simply rock back on the mechanism to slowly release into the free-float position.

It’s innovation and simplicity wrapped up into one comfortable office chair.

  • Slim back
  • Unique ergonomic multi-featured seat system
  • Sophisticated under-seat controls providing maximum adjustability for the user
  • Modern contoured backrests with subtle curves
  • Unique Ergo-Slide height adjustment system
  • Safety-first tension lock release technology for smooth tilt adjustment
  • Replaceable moulded-foam seat cushions
  • Top action, safety gas lift rated to 23.6 stone (150 kg)
  • Inflatable lumbar panel for additional support
Fabric colours
  • Available in black, navy, royal blue and red
  • Adjustable in height and width
  • Height and depth adjustable
Seat size
  • Small Seat - 460(w) x 410(d) mm (no seat slide) - suitable for small users
  • XL Seat - 540(w) x 570(d) mm (no seat slide) - suitable for larger users
Coccyx cut-out seat
  • Coccyx relief recess cut out for injured coccyx
Seat padding
  • Performance memory foam seat for extra comfort
  • AirCare plus seat option - unique AirCare technology system with superior enhanced comfort and pressure sensitive coccyx relief
Gas stem
  • High gas stem increases seat height to 530-660 mm - suitable for taller users
  • Non-swivel gas stem option - standard height (500-620 mm) gas stem that locks into place, keeping you in a static forward-facing position

Gas stem measurements are taken from the floor to the top of the seat, in the middle with no tilt.

  • Black nylon base (as standard)
  • Polished aluminium base
  • Castors for carpeted floors (as standard)
  • Castors for hard floors
  • Brake loaded castors
  • Glides
Seat height:
500-620 mm
Seat width:
500 mm
Seat depth:
440-525 mm
Back height:
550-670 mm
Seat to top of armrest range:
157-230 mm
Armrest to armrest width range:
430-530 mm
Maximum user weight:
23.6 stone (150 kg)
5 years on structural parts
2 years on moving parts and fabric
1 year for 24 hour use

XL seat dimensions
Seat width:
540 mm
Seat depth:
570 mm

Small seat dimensions
Seat width:
460 mm
Seat depth:
410 mm

Please note, non-standard options such as a Coccyx Cut-out or memory foam seat are non-returnable.

Q: How do I adjust the back angle of backrest?

There is a lever on the right hand side of your chair with ‘Back Angle’ written on it. Pull this lever up to adjust the back angle of your backrest. Once in a comfortable position, release the lever to lock in place.

Q: My gas stem seems a little stiff – is this normal?

Sometimes, over time, the gas stem can become a little stiff when trying to adjust the height. A quick and easy fix for this is using WD-40 or Vaseline. Apply a light layer of grease to the gas stem, then try adjusting the gas stem 3-4 times. The gas stem should now adjust easily.

Q: Can my seat slide forward?

There is a seat slide wheel on the right hand side of your Positiv Plus. Pull the wheel outwards and turn clockwise to adjust the seat slide forward and anticlockwise to adjust the seat inwards. Once in the desired position, release the wheel to lock in place.

Q: I have lumbar support in my backrest – how do I adjust this?

On the back left hand side of your Positiv Plus there is a lumbar bulb. Pump the bulb to inflate the lumbar. If you wish to deflate the lumbar, press the valve button.

Q: My Positiv Plus headrest needs replacing or my chair wasn’t supplied with one. Can I order one to add or replace myself?

For information regarding replacement or supply please contact [email protected].

Q: How do I stop the rocking motion of my chair?

There is a lever on the left hand side of your Positiv Plus with ‘Lock’ written on it. Simply push this down if you wish to lock the tilt action.

If you wish to have the tilt motion, simply lift the tab lever and rock backwards. This enables the tilt function to work.

Q: We have hot-desking and I want to adjust the backrest height – how do I do this?

On the bottom right of your backrest there is a backrest handle. Push this handle upwards and adjust the backrest to your desired height. Once comfortable, pull the handle downwards to lock in place.

Q: My seat pad is worn from years of use – can I just swap a new one for the old one?

You can swap the pads over. However, you will need to contact our customer services team on +44 (0) 345 345 0010 to arrange this, as this will need to be completed by one of our install technicians.

Still having problems?

Please give our customer services team a call on +44 (0) 345 345 0010.

Contact us about your seating project

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