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RH Logic 300 Medium Back Black Office Chair (with armrests & neckrest)

RH Logic 300 Medium Back Black Office Chair (with ...
12 reviews
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The Ultimate in High Performance Ergonomic Seating. Perfect for both remedial and preventative back care solutions, as well as 24/7 applications. more info
Now £1,255.68 £1,046.40 Was £1,569.60 £1,308.00
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The RH Logic range is the benchmark in high performing ergonomic seating, and sets the standard that all others seek to follow.

Based on the unique "two-point principle" of upright posture and active sitting, the chair improves breathing and circulation, and stimulates the muscles. The one to one tilt action ensures that lower back support remains constant, whatever position the user sits in.

The RH Logic 300 has a medium backrest and comes as standard with 8S class A armrests, lumbar pump, seat slide, castors for carpeted floors, base in graphite aluminium and black Gaja fabric.

  • Available in black
  • Medium back
  • 8S Class A armrests - Adjustable in height and width. Rotating. Armrest height above seat 215–295 mm
  • Height and depth adjustable neckrest
  • Fully adjustable for seat height, back rake angle, back height, seat slide and lumbar support
  • Unique '2PP' principle ensures optimum support and blood circulation during dynamic sitting
  • Exchangeable seat and back pads to increase longevity and reduce cost of ownership
  • Standard height gas stem (410-530 mm)
  • Silver graphite 5X aluminium base
  • Castors for carpeted floors
  • Environmental impact is traceable through EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)
Seat width:
465 mm
Seat depth:
475 mm
Seat height:
410-530 mm
Seat sliding range:
60 mm
Backrest width:
445 mm
Backrest height:
500 mm
26 kg
Maximum user weight:
150 kg (23.5 stone)
10 year warranty for 9 hour a day usage
5 year when used as a 24/7 chair
Q: How do I adjust the back angle of my chair?

There is a row of 3 buttons on the right hand side of your Logic 300. Lift the middle button to adjust the backrest angle. Release the button to lock in place. The angle should be set so that your back makes contact with the backrest.

Q: My gas stem seems a little stiff – is this normal?

Sometimes, over time, the gas stem can become a little stiff when trying to adjust the height. A quick and easy fix for this is using WD-40 or Vaseline. Apply a light layer of grease to the gas stem, then try adjusting the gas stem 3-4 times. The gas stem should now adjust easily.

Q: Can my seat slide forward?

There is a row of 3 buttons on the right hand side of your Logic 300. Lift the button furthest back on the right hand side. About four fingers width between the front edge of the seat and the hollow of the knee provides good blood circulation.

Q: I have lumbar support in my backrest, how do I adjust this?

On the back of the RH Logic backrest is a lumbar pump. Use the pump to inflate the lumbar support to optimal comfort. If you need to deflate your lumbar, simply push the button on the pump.

Q: My chair didn’t come with a neckrest – can I order one to add on myself?

You can retro-fit a neckrest to your Logic 300. You will need to check if you have the height adjustment cassette already. There is a little plastic cover over the neck rest hole on the very top of the back rest, pop this out and look inside. If it is white inside, the cassette is present and you are ready to order your neckrest. If it is not white inside you will need to buy and fit the neck rest cassette, which will need a technician appointment for fitting.

Q: How do I stop the rocking motion of my chair?

There is a tilt lock on the right hand side of your Logic 300 at the back. Turn the handle clockwise to lock the chair. To unlock, simply turn the handle anticlockwise.

If you want to adjust the tension of the tilt motion, use the front handle under the right hand side of your seat. Turn anticlockwise for firmer tension and clockwise to loosen the tension.

Q: We have hot-desking and I want to adjust the backrest height – how do I do this?

On the bottom right of your backrest there is a grey handle. Simply pull the handle upwards to adjust the height of your backrest. Once you are happy with the position, push the handle downwards.

Q: My seat has become worn over time – can I just swap a new one for the old one?

Yes, swapping the seat pad is simple. Once you receive your new seat pad, pull off the old worn seat pad. You will notice there are holes underneath around the edge of the seat pad. Simply align these to the seat shell, then push down on the edges to secure the seat pad into place.

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