Assistive Technology

Enabling people to reach their full potential

It's estimated that around two million people - almost 10% of the UK workforce - are affected by dyslexia, a neurological disorder affecting a person's memory. reading, writing and spelling skills. Many more display some dyslexic tendencies.

With such large numbers involved, it's important that businesses know how to recognise and support employees with these and other disorders.

We supply a wide range of Enablement services and Assistive Technology products specifically designed to help people with disabilities and impairments to cope better with everyday work tasks and improve productivity.

Whether it's dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, visual impairment, hearing problems or physical impairment, there is a massive choice of services and products available that can help transform people's lives and enable them to reach their full potential.

Disability Enablement

Before you think about purchasing any of our assistive software or hardware, it may be a good idea to speak to us first and organise one of our assessments to help your staff get the most out of assistive technology.

Our Disability Enablement services offer different types of assessments to support employers in identifying an employees specific needs. Whether assistance is required to diagnose or support, the following assessments offer a range of solutions.

  • Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment
  • Assistive Technology Training
  • One to One Workplace Strategies
  • Workplace Needs Assessment
  • Visual Impairment Assessment
  • Hearing Impairment Assessment
  • Assistive Technology/ Reasonable Adjustments Review
  • Colour Overlay Assessment

If you're unsure of which training or assessment session is right for you, speak to your account manager and they'll advise which level is best suited to your needs. Alternatively, you may fill out one of our Enablement enquiry forms or call us on 0345 345 0010.

We have worked with organisations of all sizes for many years, helping them comply with legislation and their employer obligations. We are experts in productivity and maximising potential and believe that investment in our employees pays dividends; it results in a happy, healthy and fulfilled workforce - more conductive to achieving success.

Benefits of Assistive Technology Training

  • All of our services can be tailored to your needs
  • Understanding of the benefits of Assistive Technology within the workplace
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction for individuals who have difficulties in their role
  • Maximise the positive impact that Assistive Technology can have in your organisation