Bespoke online training

Bespoke Online Training

While our standard courses cater for the majority of training needs, there are always occasions when something new or different is required. Our bespoke service gives you the chance to have an e-learning course written and designed especially for you. Almost any subject can be catered for.

Users no longer need to travel or take time away from their desks to receive their training. They can choose when and where to complete the online course. The specially-written programs also deliver 100% consistency of message – something rarely achieved when face-to-face training is carried out by different people.

In several cases companies have totally replaced their traditional face-to-face induction training sessions with our specially written e-learning courses. By doing so they have been able to show significant savings in time, manpower and cost. Others have opted to combine the old and the new, using e-learning for more standard parts of the induction process and face-to-face training where role or location-specific information is required.

All our bespoke courses are developed to the very highest standards using best practice learning methodology drawn from our years of experience in both classroom and computer-based training environments. Numerous interactive and media elements can be incorporated to enhance the learning experience. We will guide you through the entire design process to make sure that your unique product achieves your desired learning outcome in the most time and cost-efficient way.

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